Confirmed victory
Petitioning Coos Bay District School Board

Support our Coos Bay Teachers! We do not want a STRIKE!

WHO WE ARE: We are parents of children who attend Coos Bay Schools.

WHAT WE ARE DOING: We are petitioning the Coos Bay School Board to work with our teachers on negotions ASAP! The next negotiation meeting is not scheduled until August 31st. Why wait that long!? Please come to a settlement with our teachers. We do NOT want a strike! 

WHAT CAN YOU DO? Sign this petition. And please consider attending the school board meeting to show parent support of teachers, Monday June 11th at 6pm at Milner Crest. 

Thank you! 

Letter to
Coos Bay District School Board

We, the citizens of the Coos Bay School District, petition the Coos Bay District School Board to COMPLETE CONTRACT NEGOTIATIONS with our teachers for the 2012-2013 school year BY JULY 31, 2012.

These negotiations have already been going on for over a year! The School Board has repeatedly turned down every offer from the teachers and has made no other offers toward settlement.

Every day, we send our children to Coos Bay Public Schools because we trust our teachers to educate them. To keep them safe. To keep them inspired.

We hope that we can trust the School Board to DO THE RIGHT THING.

We, the undersigned, stand FIRMLY behind our teachers.