Support One-Day Alt. Side Parking for Taaffe, Willoughby & Kent before your next ticket

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Did you ever notice that Classon Avenue between Dekalb and Myrtle, in addition to Willoughby Avenue only have one day of alternate side parking? While just one block over Taaffe Place, Kent Avenue and Willoughby between Taaffe and Kent have two days. The streets aren't any wider or any more traffic filled than the afore mentioned. Why do they have an extra day for street cleaning? 

I found that this parking rule is not only unnecessary but costly to all who live and work nearby. How many times have you gotten up at 7 a.m. only to circle for 45 minutes or more to move your car to the right side of the road? 

If you've gotten just one ticket for alternate side parking or have paid the hefty parking fee associated with parking in the garage (nearly $300 a month), join me in making our collective lives easier. 

Sign this petition to request that Taaffe Place from Dekalb Avenue to Myrtle, Kent Avenue from Dekalb Avenue to Myrtle Avenue and Willoughby Avenue from Clinton Avenue to Bedford be changed to one day alternate side parking.

We pay enough in taxes to afford us the right not to be preyed upon by predatory parking rules and tow trucks. Ask for her help to change these parking rules. 

Share this with your roommates, friends and anyone who thinks that alternate side parking for more than one day on streets (especially Taaffe) that can only fit parked cars on one side is unfair. 


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