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Support Oil Transparency in Ghana


Mining and oil companies should be held accountable for the impacts they have on communities worldwide.

Nowhere are the promise and perils of these industries clearer than in the West African country of Ghana. For years, gold mining has caused serious damage to the health of farming communities as well as the environment. Now, Ghana is about to develop its oil reserves, which could help end the country’s poverty – or make it even worse, if the oil money is not managed properly.

It's time to give communities even more power over where the money goes. Stand up for tougher oil transparency laws in Ghana.

Letter to
Ghana officials
I support a law in Ghana to make oil companies responsible for disclosing their payments, and the government responsible for disclosing what it receives. Making this information public will help Ghanaians hold their government accountable to make sure the new oil wealth goes to health, education and other vital needs.