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A Statement from the Gill Tract Farmers Collective re: UCPD Raids

Movement Generation

May 15, 2012 — [This is an excerpt- read the full statement at]

This morning, over 100 armed police officers descended on the Gill Tract Farm to attempt to force an end to efforts to reclaim the Gill Tract for community use. Using a mixed force made up of eight UC campus police forces, along with Alameda County Sheriff's Department, police blocked traffic, barricaded the Gill Tract, and arrested nine people. The public land, which is managed by UC Berkeley's development arm known as Capital Projects, was reclaimed by Occupy the Farm on April 22 and has been used for community-friendly farming education for the three weeks since. Today, using all the power at its disposal, the University of California has reasserted its control over the land.

The Gill Tract Farmers Collective has called for a reconvergence at the Albany Community Center, 1249 Marin Ave, at 5PM tomorrow, Tues May 15th.

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