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Support Occupy Hawaii's Peaceful Efforts to Raise Awareness

WHEREAS, the residents of Hawaii County are suffering from the national economic crises of joblessness, home foreclosures, loss of home values, loss of support services, loss of funds for schools, and shortage of bank loans to carry on their businesses, and
WHEREAS, since 1990, the distribution of income and wealth in this country has become unreasonably skewed to the Top 1%, and
WHEREAS, 99% of workers, children, and seniors share less and less of the nation's affluence, and
WHEREAS, tax system changes in the Bush era relieved corporations, investors, and wealthy individuals of much of their tax burden, leaving the public sector underfunded, leaving the nation in deep debt, and leaving working families to support government programs,
WHEREAS, Wall Street's gambling with sub-prime mortgage bundles and derivatives has impoverished pension funds, school districts, and other public investments, and
WHEREAS, banks, deemed "too big to fail", were given more than $6 trillion of taxpayers' money to stay afloat, and
WHEREAS, banks and mortgage lenders have been largely unwilling to renegotiate delinquent mortgages, preferring to profit from foreclosure fees, and
WHEREAS, the Supreme Court has ruled that campaign donations are free speech and that corporations have free speech rights as individuals, guaranteed under the Constitution, and
WHEREAS, corporations and wealthy individuals now contribute $billions to politicians who favor their interests, and
WHEREAS, public financing of elections is critical to saving our democracy, and
WHEREAS, Occupy Movements locally and nationwide support reform of banking, mortgage lending, taxation, and elections, and
WHEREAS, the cities of Cleveland, Los Angeles, Buffalo, San Francisco, Santa Anna, Sebastopol, and Edinburgh, among others, have passed Resolutions to support the goals of the Occupy Movement,
Supports the efforts of Occupy Hilo, Occupy Kona, Occupy Waimea, and Occupy Waikoloa to bring these issues to wider public awareness through peaceful demonstrations and educational events.

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  • Mayor of Hawaii County
    Billy Kenoi
  • Hawaii County Councilwoman
    Brittany Smart
  • Hawaii County Councilman
    J Yoshimoto
  • Hawaii County Councilman
    Dominic Yagong
  • Hawaii County Councilman
    Pete Hoffmann
  • Hawaii County Councilman
    Donald Ikeda
  • Hawaii County Councilman
    Fred Blas
  • Hawaii County Councilman
    K. Angel Pilago
  • Hawaii County Councilman
    Dennis “Fresh” Onishi
  • Hawaii County Councilwoman
    Brenda Ford

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