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Support New York's Early College High School Programs


The early college high school initiative gives New York teenagers the opportunity to earn college credits ahead of schedule, targeting students who are typically underrepresented in higher education. 

Right now, early college high schools in New York are funded by a public-private partnership. But there's a bill in the Assembly that would allow early colleges with a high volume of low-income students to apply directly to the New York’s Higher Education Services Corporation for Tuition Assistance Program funding. 

With a changing economy and fewer jobs available for adults with only a high school degree, investing in early college initiatives means investing in the economic vitality of New York. Estimates show that by financing early college high school programs, New York could see a return of investment of 254 percent in just 15 years and 648 percent in 25 years.

Sign this petition by June 22 and help low-income students get access to a better education.

Letter to
State Representative Deborah Glick
I am writing to urge the Higher Education Committee to report A.9312 (Nolan), legislation that would give Early College High School programs and their students much-needed access to Tuition Assistance Program funding.

As you may know, the Senate has already passed this legislation unanimously. On behalf of the New York students succeeding in these programs—and those in classes to come—I urge your committee to approve this bill so the Assembly may pass it before adjourning on June 22.

Thank you for your efforts on behalf of New York’s school children.

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