Support MO Senate Bill 1215

Support MO Senate Bill 1215

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State Senator Tony Luetkemeyer

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MO SB 1215 would establish the Stop Cyberstalking and Harassment Task Force. Missouri State Senator Jill Shupp introduced Senate Bill 1215, that would organize a task force of 15 people ranging from law enforcement, victim advocates and harassment victims to improve regulations and protections.

If you would like to help the Chairman of the Judiciary committee understand the importance of SB 1215, we would welcome you to email or call his office to express your support of the bill and ask that it be heard in committee

Sen. Tony Luetkemeyer


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Office Phone:  573-751-2183

“We decided what we needed to do is have a deeper study of the issue with people that are impacted or can impact the process,”
“We are trying to bring these people in the same room to talk about how we cross from one police community to another,” she said. “These perpetrators don’t know boundaries.” - Missouri State Senator Jill Shupp.



18 have signed. Let’s get to 25!