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Oklahoma will be a hard state to fight for equality, but it’s got to be done. Six states and Washington D.C. have legalized gay marriage already, and three other states are introducing bills to legalize gay marriage. I feel that it’s time to make change in one more state, so please sign the petition and help make a difference in Oklahoma. Gay people want equality -- that’s it. Gay people are our friends, daughters, sons, they serve in the military, they are doctors and lawyers, they are firefighters and police officers, they are from all walks of life.  Love is love, so why not support this petition?

Letter to
Senator Mark Allen State of Oklahoma
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Senator Mark Allen.

Support Marriage Equality in Oklahoma

Greetings Mr. Senator,
I am writing you to ask you to show your support for marriage equality for the State of Oklahoma because with the equal rights movement that we are in at this time I feel it’s time we move Oklahoma forward and accept that we do have LGBT folks living in this state and they to deserve equal rights and should have the right to marry the ones they love. Times are changing and now is the time for equality for all... So Mr. Senator I am asking you to represent everyone in the State of Oklahoma regardless of a person’s sexuality and to show/voice your support for marriage equality in Oklahoma.


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