International Support for Masidi & the Creation of a Malaysian Shark Sanctuary

International Support for Masidi & the Creation of a Malaysian Shark Sanctuary

January 6, 2016
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Masidi Manjun (Minister of Tourism, Culture and Environment)
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Why this petition matters

Started by Benjamin Von Wong

Sharks generate more money alive than dead for local communities

Well designed, administered and enforced Marine Protected Areas have been scientifically demonstrated across the globe to benefit fish and marine ecosystems. While the fins from a dead shark may be worth US $100 to a local fisherman, through ecotourism, a living shark can support an entire island community and its surrounding ecology by bringing in over US $1.9 million over the course of its lifetime.

Together with Shark Stewards, an organization dedicated to combatting the shark fin trade, we are collecting signatures from the online community to prove to governments and organizations that travelers have a tangible interest in seeing sharks alive. 

We hope to begin saving sharks in my parents home country of Malaysia, in the heart of the coral triangle

Ecotourism is a major economic product of Malaysia and has increased over 20% in 2015 alone. Surveys among dive tourists indicate they will pay more to dive with sharks and big fish. Without healthy sharks, sea turtles and reefs the dive business in Malaysia is likely to decline and local communities will suffer economic loss and ecological destruction.

Saving sharks would not only help revitalize the ocean ecosystem but could open up an entire new industry of dive ecotourism.

Shark Stewards have successfully combated the shark fin trade and implemented shark conservation policies including the ban of shark finning, and the regulation of the shark fin trade in the USA and the Pacific Rim.

With your support and signature, we hope to support Masidi Manjun in his efforts of creating shark sanctuaries in Malaysia. 


Five shark facts:

  1. Sharks are a keystone species and are responsible for the health of ocean ecosystems. They eliminate the weak, the diseased and the dead, maintaining the ecological balance and the future health of the ocean.
  2. Every year, tens of millions of sharks are killed by humans. On average, sharks kill less than 10 people a year.  
  3. Shark fins contain mercury and have nearly no nutritional value.  Most shark meat is unpalatable. It is mostly eaten as a status symbol by the Chinese.
  4. Currently, shark ecotourism brings almost US$1 Billion worldwide, and is expected to grow twofold over the next twenty years.
  5. There are over 450 species of sharks, most cause no harm to humans.


Saving sharks will help save the ocean and the future of ocean and human health.

The ocean needs our top predators.

Let's start at the top, by fighting to save them.

Learn more about the shoot here.




Support now
Signatures: 85,941Next Goal: 150,000
Support now

Decision Makers

  • Masidi ManjunMinister of Tourism, Culture and Environment