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Support local business, supporting local community

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Say no to extended trading hours by asking the City of Greater Geraldton to revoke the proposed Deregulation of Retail Trading Trial.

Damaging our locally owned and operated businesses risks local jobs!

We need more positive strategies that will work for the local businesses who invest in local employment, community, city development and who keep their spend local.

The Deregulation of Retail Trading Trial, proposed to commence in Geraldton on 2 July 2017, will severely impact the financial viability of many of our ‘one-of-a-kind’ local businesses that are integral to our city’s distinctive character and are the key to building a vibrant city centre.

The evidence of surveys and trials conducted by local businesses which have opened on the extended trading days in recent years has demonstrated the cost to local stores.

Independent Findings

In addition, ‘Deregulating of Retail Trading Hours in Western Australia’, a study produced by respected national market researchers BIS Shrapnel, on behalf of the Shop, Distribution and Allied Employees’ Association of Western Australia, found that a lot of the meritorious arguments propositioned by those in favour of deregulation are not supported by hard evidence.

The report showed:

  • No influence of deregulation on retail turnover growth.
  • No material lift in retail employment.
  • No increase in employment at the subcategory shop level.
  • No evidence of deregulation leading to cheaper retail prices in WA.
  • No evidence that WA now has lower price growth compared to the rest of Australia post-deregulation.

It did however show that increasing household disposable income is the major factor in increasing retail turnover; and unfortunately, there is really no simple way of achieving this in the difficult economic circumstances currently facing Geraldton and the Mid West. We will only turn this around by working together as a community and we certainly will not do so by sacrificing local businesses and putting more local jobs at risk.

Want to support our local Mid West retailers?

We are asking you to get behind our local retailers and sign this petition now to help stop the Deregulation of Retail Trading Trial in Geraldton.

Once you’ve signed, contact our councillors directly and encourage them to lead the way forward and support our local businesses. 

Sign the Petition by Monday 26 June 2017. 


Mayor Shane Van Styn
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CEO City of Greater Geraldton
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Deputy Mayor Neil McIlwaine
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Cr Natasha Colliver
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Cr Simon Keemink
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We, the Geraldton Retail and Industry Alliance and members of the Geraldton community request the City of Greater Geraldton revoke the proposed Deregulation of Retail Trading Trial. For the following reasons: To favour more positive strategies that work with the local businesses who invest in local employment, community, city development and who keep their spend local.

For further information relating to this matter and for advising petitioners of the outcome of the petition contact Jenna Denton Geraldton Retail and Industry Alliance CEO at (A) 82A Marine Terrace, Geraldton WA 6530 (E) (P) 0439 343 182.

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