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Support La Plata County Comp Plan & Dismissal of Planning Commission Members

A great number of informed, sincere La Plata county residents, representing all sectors of our community, came to every public meeting on the comp plan and gave hours of input. Now, despite all that effort by so many, the process is being derailed by a very vocal, adversarial minority who have entered the process at his late date, and give comments like: “delete any reference to sustainability”. We feel that the Planning Commission is now summarily disregarding the informed work of the community and gutting the plan. This is not true public process.

The document sent to Planning Commission by the Community Working Group was a good document based on sound and extensive public process. It includes a lot of compromise by all sides.

The undersigned strongly encourage the Planning Commission and the Board of County Commissioners to not destroy the hard work of the dedicated reasonable community members who want to move the County into the 21st Century.

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  • Chair, La Plata County Commissioner
    Kellie C. Hotter
  • Vice Chair, La Plata County Commissioner
    Robert "Bobby" Lieb, Jr.
  • La Plata County Commissioner
    Wallace "Wally" White

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