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Support Kids Sports

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Doug Ford

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Started by Lorraine Currie

Amateur athletes  around Ontario have struggled immensely during Covid.  They have already lost two seasons of competition and are now facing a third season of disruption or possible cancellation.

These athletes work so hard to prepare for competitions, working 12-30 hours per week.  They can't just get back into their gyms for a few days and be ready to compete. Every practice lost affects their ability to compete. 

Their gyms are primarily businesses, not volunteer based.  This means their facility rents still have to be paid, our already limited staff are yet again losing their salaries, which drives strong coaches to other jobs. 

If 5 people can gather in a home setting, why can't 5 gymnasts, who are wearing masks, gather at their training facilities? 

We are all fully in support of keeping kids safe, but this also means physically and mentally safe as well.  Asking a child who has dedicated their life to sport to miss a third season is mental bullying.  We are likely to lose a big part of our gymnast base if we don't find a way to make this work.

Please sign this petition and forward to as many people as you can to let the decision makers know that there must be a solution that still keeps kids safe and allows these athletes to continue to train towards competitions, scholarships and maintaining their mental health.  Kids shouldn't be paying such a big price when others can still go shopping in malls, go to Costco or Walmart shopping, etc.   


-5 at a time

- max 25% capacity

- limit time in the gym to 2 hours

- affidavit that they are isolating outside of the gym

- only vaccinated athletes may train

- required vaccination and masks

There are lots of other very safe options beside denying them completely.  


5,363 have signed. Let’s get to 7,500!