Support Khalid Baker’s request to compete in boxing matches while on parole

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Young Australian amateur champion boxer Khalid Baker was convicted of murder in 2008. The deceased person had crashed through a first story window and fallen to his death.

Khalid was convicted even though another person had made statements admitting to pushing the young man who died. These statements were not allowed to be used at Khalid’s trial because of a legal rule known as the rule against hearsay.  You can read more about this here

Khalid’s appeals to the Court of Appeal and the High Court were unsuccessful. Khalid lodged a petition of mercy but this was also refused.

Throughout, Khalid has always maintained his innocence and the Bridge of Hope Innocence Initiative is re-investigating his case.

The day after the fall, Khalid had been due to attend a boxing camp. His ambition has always been to fight for Australia.

Recently released on parole, Khalid now wants to resume his sporting career and help his transition back into society.

If you believe that Khalid should be given the chance to compete in organised boxing matches within Australia, please show your support by signing this petition.