Support Iranian international students financial crisis

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One of the most important criterion of studying abroad for international students is financial affordability. Prior to commencing the journey of studying abroad, students asses and provide the amount of expenses needed during the completion of their studies. However, unpredictable circumstances might negatively affect the financial situation regarding international students. 

During the past two years, Iranian currency (Rial) has faced more than 400% decrease in its value(!) due to Iran’s government inability to conserve the national currency value. This matter has hugely and negatively affected Iranian International students financially as they now need to pay double (or even more) for their expenses in order to complete their studies abroad because the Iranian Rial currency has plummeted. For instance, if it was assumed for an Iranian student that it will cost them A$80,000 per annum to complete their 4 years undergraduate course (Adding up to A$320,000 in total), now it is literally A$320,000 per annum (total of A$1,280,000) if you compare to 2 years ago!

This was just an example to express this situation in more tangibly manner with numbers; But it could be even worse for students that are studying longer or more expensive courses!

Recently, Mike Pompeo, United States Secretary of State promised that they (referring to United states government) will put more pressure and tougher sanctions than sanctions before JCPOA agreement on Iran in next 2 months! Which however, resulted releasing a FAQ page from Department of Education and training of Australia, namely "Important information for Iranian students facing financial pressures" back in June 2013 and many other news agencies as vast number of students were demanding some sort of support and help in that situation. This action of U.S.will not just going to affect the IRR value, but also may cause difficulty in international money transfer, again!

The current situation not only affected Iranian International students financially, but also put psychological stress on the students. Many cannot focus as much as they used to on their studies as they are worried about their future more than ever.

Today we, Iranian International students, demand support from the department of immigration of border protection of Australia to support Iranian International students by providing the opportunity to:

  • be allowed to apply for course deferral or reducing the study load while having the right to remain in Australia
  • be allowed to work full-time and ceasing the restriction No. 8105 students visa condition for the time-being.
  • be guided and supported to find employment (If unemployed).