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Steven Vulich
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Are you tired of the Suppression, Censorship, Privacy Violations and the Overall Unethical Business Practice of Mainstream Social Media? So are we! We are taking the fight to them and need your support. 

I am Steven Vulich, Founder and Ceo of InfinitySN , which is a New Social Network attempting to provide a solution to the Social Media Monopolies. I believe I am one of millions who have been suppressed by Facebook in many ways, and have decided to initiate a Class Action Lawsuit against the social giant. But I need your voice!

Your signature is Vital!  Sign the petition today and let's show Facebook and all the other Social Network Monopolies out there that we will not take this kind of treatment any longer! This is something everyone can get behind because it affects all of us. 

I need your help to take on Facebook, and send a strong message that We The People will not take Suppression, Censorship and the Violation of our Privacy any longer on social media. You have had your posts taken down, have thousands of followers only to "reach" a few, paid to boost your post even to the members who are already following or liked your page and more! They have tons of money and power in a legal setting, but what is bigger than that?  All of us, together, and together we will beat them! 

I took an oath many years ago to protect our freedoms while serving in the US Army for 10 years, and an additional 10 years protecting and serving our local communities as a police officer.  I will continue public service by serving our online community as Ceo of a new social network by taking the overdue fight to Facebook and it's Ceo, Mark Zuckerberg. "Sorry" just isn't good enough anymore as they continue to violate US Citizens!  I ask that you show your support in what is possibly the most important campaign of 2019.  

We have seen it in the news, congressional hearings and all over the internet, but we do nothing about it as they continue to dominate the market and violate our privacy and our rights to free speech.  We can do something about it now, together!  We no longer have to feel helpless or powerless to take them on and bring more comparable options. Let's not sit back and do nothing while the growing monopolies continue to embed their companies so far into our lives, that we have no other options to choose from if they become corrupt. This would be devastating to our society and seems to be a reality these days as it continues to cause division within our own borders.

Together we will do this!  Please Sign this very important petition as it affects all of us. 

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