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Support Increased Funding Assistance for Developing Countries in the Climate Change Declaration

According to the WSJ, the recent draft declaration proposed by the United Status, European Union, and twelve other nations for the G8 summit this week set a $400 million allocation target for assisting developing countries in lowering their emissions. This target has received criticism for being too low.

Climate change afflicts many members of developing countries via crop yield reduction, water shortages, and more. Reducing emissions and aiding people in developing countries by fighting climate change are incredibly important issues. Urge Barack Obama and the nations at the 2009 G8 to increase the allocation of money toward helping developing countries that could use additional funds to support renewable energy (solar, wind) projects that could ensure low-emission futures.

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The President of the United States
According to a recent WSJ article, a draft declaration for this year's G8 Summit proposed an allocation of $400 million toward helping developing countries lower their emissions. That same article also commented that other countries had claimed that amount was not sufficient.

It is important for you, our country's leader, to support an increase in funding for this cause so that developing countries-- countries that have become more vulnerable because of the impact of climate change on agriculture and weather-- can turn the tide on climate change and become part of a renewable energy future. Please urge the other nations at this year's G8 Summit to join in this cause to help developing countries.