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Support Human Rights bill 296 in Jacksonville to protect the GBLT community.

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I urge the Jacksonville City Council to continue to move forward with human rights bill 296 that will protect the GLBT members of the Jacksonville community from bigotry and discrimination, and allow them security in employment, housing, and use of public accommodations.

The conservative and religious community is out in force to deny GLBT people equal protections in the Jacksonville community. The GLBT community consists of human beings who deserve to be treated with dignity and respect, just like anyone else. Many local Christian organizations are trying to fight back and inundate the council with their hate speech, comparing GLBT people to pedophiles, and using the "protect our children!" card to argue against support of the bill. They are also accusing the council of offering the GLBT community "special rights." Don't let them get away with their hateful speech. Christianity is supposed to be about love and acceptance, not condemnation of people Christians do not agree with. Over 80 people who are part of the GLBT community have stood before the council and explained why they want to live in a respectful and accepting community. They have shared their personal stories of the discrimination they have fallen victim to while living in Jacksonville.

In response, the Florida Family Policy council put out calls to a large network encouraging people to bombard the council with phone calls and emails demanding that bill 296 protections for equal human rights be denied. Let's show them that the majority of citizens refuse to be bullied, and will continue to demand equal rights until the whole country has them.

You can read more about bill 296 and it's reporting in the media here:

Thanks for standing up for equality and respect.


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