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Support Higher Education and Faculty Rights in Nevada!

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As we have seen in Wisconsin, an assault has been taking place on the rights of public service workers. This assault is also targeting higher education in Nevada, by Gov. Sandoval's budget proposal. This proposal will cut the NSHE budget by 29% will involve the firing of some 500 faculty members, cutting departments and consolidation. The passing of this legislation will very likely result in Nevada's higher education institutions declaring financial exigency; a bankruptcy of the educational system, which will dismantle the contractual rights of tenured professors -the lifeblood of student success.

The students and faculty of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas want Gov. Sandoval and legislators to know that this is where we draw the line- OUR EDUCATION AND OUR FACULTY IS NOT EXPENDABLE.

Passing this legislature will be a tremendous downfall to education in Nevada and send a frightening message throughout the country. As UNLV and all other institutions of NSHE shrivel and hemorrhage valuable faculty, Nevada's educational system will become "smaller and more selective", resulting in a dramatic downturn in educational opportunity to everyone seeking to overcome today's economic hardship. The gap between contingent (disposable) labor and educated workers in Nevada will widen even further, and social mobility will continue to suffer, especially to minorities. The consolidation and destruction of college departments will leave undergraduates and graduates unable to complete their degrees and shouldering a debt without hope of future respite.

Please join us in our resistance to this legislature and show your support for the value of quality and equal opportunity education and worker's rights in Nevada.

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