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Petitioning Rep. Dove and 20 others

Support HB 720 by Reps. Abramson, Leger, and Moreno


This legislation is critical to Children’s Hospital which takes care of more than 60 thousand children across the state every year.

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Dear Representative,

I’m writing to ask you to please support HB 720 by Reps. Abramson, Leger, and Moreno. This legislation is critical to Children’s Hospital which takes care of more than 60 thousand children across the state every year.

Children’s Hospital hopes to acquire the property adjacent to the Hospital, the New Orleans Adolescent Hospital (NOAH) to expand medical services provided to the children of our state. The site would provide for an ambulatory surgical center, outpatient specialty clinics, expanded radiological services, diagnostic laboratories and other support services.

Unfortunately, there is a restriction on this property that currently forces Children’s to provide Behavioral Healthcare services comparable to what was provided at NOAH when it closed almost four years ago. Those services included 15 pediatric acute inpatient beds and 20 adult acute inpatient beds. Children’s is currently providing behavioral healthcare services six blocks from NOAH at their Calhoun Campus (previously DePaul) with 33 pediatric acute care inpatient beds and 29 adult acute care inpatient beds, which are leased to LSU. The number of Children receiving services at Children’s’ Calhoun Campus far exceeds what was provided by NOAH.

Children’s is committed to a future of providing mental healthcare for children and adults, but has found it financially irrational to move these services to the NOAH site. Children’s Hospital has invested over $30 million in the Calhoun Campus location, making it one of New Orleans’ largest behavioral health service sites and the largest provider of services to our most vulnerable children.

Louisiana Children’s Medical Center, Children’s Hospital’s parent company, will be making future behavioral health commitments including the reopening of 9 LSU inpatient beds at the Calhoun Campus that were shut down due to budget reductions, and operating the 60 new inpatient beds at the new University Medical Center, which is slated to open in 2015. I hope that you can stand by Children’s Hospital to help them grow to better serve all of us, but particularly the children of our state.