Support Hakuone - Hawaiians Developing Hawaiian Lands

Support Hakuone - Hawaiians Developing Hawaiian Lands

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The State of Hawaiʻi gave OHA 30 acres of property scattered across nine parcels in Kaka‘ako Makai in 2012. Now called Hakuone, the land was a partial settlement of decades of unpaid Public Land Trust funds due for the use of ceded Hawaiian land. The $200 million valuation of that land, however, was based on the potential to build residential properties in the future.

However, a 2016 law—passed after outcry over a separate developer’s resort plan for the shoreline—now prohibits residential development in the area. This restriction is outdated, and unjust. In effect, the law singles out land owned and stewarded by Hawaiians, even though our culture demands a long-term view of protecting the land, Meanwhile, condo towers have sprouted up right across the street, and luxury development continues unabated.

The heart of any community is its people. To realize the full “live, work, play” vision of Hakuone, people have to be able to live there. All of Hawaiʻi agrees on the need for more housing for local residents, and native Hawaiians disproportionately suffer from homelessness in their homeland.

The law that bans residential development in Kakaʻako makai must be repealed. By offering a full spectrum of housing options, including workforce and affordable housing, Hakuone can become a thriving local community in the heart of Honolulu. It will also create a sustainable economic engine that will allow OHA to continue to fulfill its mission of uplifting native Hawaiians everywhere.

Hakuone WILL:

  • Include a Native Hawaiian Cultural Center, shops featuring native Hawaiian and local makers and creators, local amenities like farmers markets and day care for keiki and kupuna, a shoreline promenade, 10 acres park space, and parking.
  • Be a welcoming kīpuka for all of Hawaiʻi to enjoy, while celebrating and perpetuating Native Hawaiian culture and values, including sustainable agriculture, fishing, surfing, hula, kanikapila, and more.
  • Serve as a sustainable economic engine that supports OHA’s work on behalf of native Hawaiians across the entire state.

Hakuone WILL NOT:

  • Build condos on all nine parcels. OHA seeks residential development on three mauka parcels.
  • Prohibit or unduly restrict access to the shoreline. Public access is a priority.
  • Subvert or violate environmental protection laws. Cleanup is part of the plan.
  • Interfere with other landowners or tenants. Hakuone’s 30 acres and 10 parcels are only 14 percent of all the land that makes up Kaka‘ako Makai.


It is time for Native Hawaiians to be honored for who they are and their fundamental contributions to these islands.

The Hawaiian people deserve the right to create a community that’s rooted in their culture and supports their people.

The state owes it to the Hawaiian people to finally do right by them.
Let Hawaiians build housing on Hawaiian Lands in Kakaʻako Makai.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!
At 2,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!