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Support H.R. 4416: The Great Ape Conservation Reauthorization Amendments Act of 2010

What if the last proud silverback gorilla disappeared from his forest home forever — the trees all felled by timber barons? Or a mother chimpanzee was gunned down to satisfy the demand for her meat, her infant child left orphaned and sold into the pet trade? Or branches throughout Borneo lacked the beauty of a swinging orangutan; the remaining individuals of the species languishing helplessly behind steel bars in a zoo?

The fund created under this law has already played a pivotal role in the financing of great ape protection projects. Funds have been used to protect the highly endangered Cross River Gorilla in Africa by decreasing hunting, increasing the patrolling of protected areas, and expanding available habitat for the species. In Asia, the Cao-Vit gibbon, the world’s most critically endangered primate species, has been protected by patrol groups funded through the Great Ape Conservation Act.

We simply cannot let these amazing great ape species die out, especially when a bill such as the Great Ape Conservation Act could ensure their long-term survival. Their future is in your hands! Please write your Representative right away.

Source: Born Free USA

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