#JoinTheMommyFund to Nourish Expecting Moms

#JoinTheMommyFund to Nourish Expecting Moms

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Pregnancy is a delicate and intimate journey for mother and child. It should be no different if the mother is a teenager.

Teenage Pregnancy in the Philippines
Teenage moms are often at the receiving end of scrutiny and hushed whispers and comments. They are frowned upon, when support and guidance are what they need most. However, this is not their only concern. In the Philippines, the lack of sexual education has led to plenty of misconceptions surrounding pregnancy. Government-led maternal healthcare programs also lack the reach and breadth to properly assist all mothers, especially teenage mothers. We must also note that the Philippines has the second-highest rate of teenage pregnancy in Southeast Asia, at 5.99%¹ which translates to roughly 1 in 10 teenage mothers.² This is all in conjunction with higher health-associated risks related to teenage pregnancy which may lead to complications, or worse, maternal death.³ Several of these common health risks such as hypertension, poor weight gain, and anemia can be prevented, however, with proper nutrition and guidance.

It is primarily because of these gaps that lovemom was founded. The startup was designed to be a one-stop hub for pregnant mothers to obtain their maternal and prenatal nutritional needs online. lovemom offers specially-curated supplement packs (Nourish Kits) in the form of a subscription service, and online consultations with their doctors, all at affordable price points. The kits, aside from being DOH-approved, will ensure that the nutrients provided for each mom are tailored to her personal needs.

The Mommy Fund
However, lovemom also acknowledges that even with their offerings, not all mothers have the financial resources to access them. This is compounded by the fact that most alternatives available are pro-rich, hindering pregnant women from lower socioeconomic classes from accessing the necessary resources to have a safe pregnancy.

The Mommy Fund was created in an attempt to make quality maternal healthcare accessible to all. Through this, lovemom wants to be able to provide as many moms, especially teen moms, in need with its specially-curated Nourish Kit subscription to ensure a healthy pregnancy journey.

All fund proceeds will be used to cover 12-month subscriptions of the Nourish Kit for deserving moms. Any donation amount would be highly appreciated. With this, we would be nourishing not one, but two lives.

Let us give all mothers our love and support. Let us all stand at the forefront of change in the maternal healthcare system in the Philippines.


For more information on lovemom and the Mommy Fund, you may contact us through:
Website: project-mommy.wixsite.com/lovemom
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ph.lovemom/
Instagram: @ph.lovemom

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