Election Reforms

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The Hon. Prime Minister
Government of India
Respected Sir,
                                                  Re: Election Reforms
Your tenure so far has been marked by glittering, game-changer actions. I must state that I beg to differ on some of these but that does not take away the credit that is due to for sincerity and honesty of purpose, Sir
Your proposal to reform the Election process is laudable. I do have views thereon and am thrilled to share them with you since I am aware of your openness to Common Man’s suggestions
Sir, our current System leaves much to be desired for both Politicians and Voters
When the Mandate is fractured, the Politicians are forced to get into undesirable Power sharing compromises
In case they receive a thumping majority, the Opposition and Losers spend each day from the declaration of results till next Election, in criticising, protesting and obstructing Proposals put forth by the Ruling Party/Alliance
In either scenario, the Voters and those below the voting aging are losers both in the short term and long term
Our System does not provide for Right to Recall, thereby everyone suffers in silence or frustration resulting in erosion of respect for the Government
The Rajya Sabha Model where 1/3 Members retire every two years and thus help in shifting Voting Bench strength is worthy of emulating for Lok Sabha, with due changes such as-
Half the Seats from each State being elected every 3 years and enjoying 6 year Term
Expenses getting spread over two exercises, rather actually halved
Lesser pressure on Election machinery, Security Forces to enable simultaneous Polls and thereby cut short the inert period linked to Code of Conduct being operational
Rulers being made more alert to Public opinion with the Sword of losing majority unless they perform dangling on their Throne
At the same time, good Governance would expand the number of elected Representatives from the Ruling/Alliance Leader Party and thus add to their firepower
Opposition turning more responsible and constructive with an opportunity to shift the Power equation
Overall expenses being reduced over next 30 years where instead of 6 General Elections, we would have only 5 Events
Adding fresh Voters every two years to bread-base the Voter Pool

I sincerely hope that you and the Election Commission would give due consideration to the above