Support for Student Sex Workers UAL

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I am a student at Camberwell College of Arts currently in my third year studying Graphic Design. For one of my projects I have decided to focus on the topic of student sex work as it has been a personal interest of mine in recent years. This has led me to see how student sex workers may be affected at my university.

Increasing tuition and living costs are putting a strain on most students. With the pressure to succeed academically, students are desperate to secure funding for academic purposes and living. Many part time jobs available to students don’t pay enough to provide the economic needs to students whilst also being at inconvenient times that hinder their academic schedule.

Therefore some students feel the need to go into some form of sex work. A lot of sex related work can be dangerous and cause physical and mental strain on students health. Unfortunately, today there is still stigma surrounding sex work and many students feel they cannot confide in the staff.

I believe that at the University of the Arts London (UAL) we should try harder to break down student sex work stigma on campus and encourage students to not be afraid to seek help. There is no current policy for student sex worker support only further alienating them. Student sex workers are often too scared to look for support due to the legality of sex work. This can cause detrimental impacts on their degree and health. The Union further believes in working together with UAL to create a safer and more sex worker friendly environment for students at all campuses through both our mutual support services as well as creative opportunities. 

To try and help resolve this problem, I believe there are several steps that UAL need to put into place.

  • Training available to all student facing staff on how to best give support to student sex workers seeking help.
  • Access to online platform providing sexual health information, sex worker rights and contact information for potential counselling
  • Creating a zero tolerance policy that holds the union accountable to the safety of student sex workers in their campaigns.
  • Starting a more focused conversation with UAL on how they can use their resources to help student sex workers.

In order to achieve this goal, I need as many signatures as possible so that I can try and present a case in front of the Arts Student Union. This will hopefully mean that they can move towards creating a policy to provide support for student sex workers at UAL.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and hopefully with your help student sex workers at UAL can be provided with more support. Don't forget to share!         




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