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I am joining with the other under-signed person(s), in a corroborated effort, to organize as many “TAX-PAYING Louisiana Resident” as we possibly can to take a more active role in opposing Governor Bobby Jindal’s budget cut’s from our “State Universities and Medicaid Program “Annual Spending Budgets, in hope of preventing widespread lay-offs and/or loss of jobs: witch are anticipated in”2010”

By tremendously increasing the number of grievance of concerned “Tax-payers and registered voters” who strongly resent, “in whole” the latest decisions made by Governor Bobby Jindal, and endorsed by many of the Republican Legislative House Members.We assure you that our voices will be heard all across this nation (just as it was heard) during the attempted Legislative Pay-raises.

We are primed and very eager to secure our long-term viability.

The State of Louisiana currently spends more money to house “Reform and Rehabilitated” inmates than it does to assure that a quality education is afforded to our child and/or adult students…and,


There are definitely other alternatives to defray the “Unreasonable” budgets cuts in LSU’s spending budget and in DHH-Medicaid Programs, witch threatens the Job security of many Tax-paying residents.                                                                                                  Our current State deficit is more than $ 800.000.000.00 and Louisiana spends $ 23.000.00 per year to house each inmate serving a life-term in our prison system(s) that accounts for a total of $ 57.500.000.00 against the state spending budget, Each year per every (2500) Reformed and rehabilitated inmates that are incarcerated at the Louisiana Sate Prison Angola, Louisiana.                                                                                                                     It is our understanding, that (more than “80” sex-offenders) and an additional (300+) other offenders who were unidentified by their crime)s) categories, have already been granted participation in the “PILOT PROGRAM “ pursuant to

LA Revised Statute 15:550 A-B-1-2-3 : C 1-A-B-C-D-E.

Relative to : the Location tracking and Crime correlation based Electronic monitoring and supervisionof adult offenders.                                                                                       See Louisiana Legislative Act 178, approved June 10.2004 by former :Governor Kathleen B Blanco.                                                                                                                        By utilizing R.S 15.550, the Pilot Program it would cost the State of Louisiana $ 4.44 per day to track and electronically monitor “violent sex-offenders and other person(s), convicted of violent crime(s) on a GPS system and only $ 0.99 ct per day to monitor offenders on a Voice Verification System.                                                                                                   Thus, as an alternative to the “Bad Faith” decision to simply make cuts in our State Universities and Medicaid program annual spending budges, the Governor must discontinue practice of incarcerating “”Reform and Rehabilitated” inmates at such a high cost !!

The State of Louisiana can grant these inmates “20,30 or 40 years to Lifetime Paroles” and then “Electronically monitor them on a location tracking GPS system (for the rest of their lives) at a maximum cost of only $ 1.620.60 per year, that’s a price tag of only five (5) million dollars per year, per every (2500) inmates, as opposed to the $ 57.500.000.00 this State generally spends each year to keep housing “Reform and Rehabilitated “prisoners serving life-term(s)

Our GOAL is to assist State Government with effortsto: 

1)reduce the $800.000.000.00 State Deficit:
2) to balance the Annual Spending budget .
3) Reduce the Recidivisms Rate all at the same time.

The inmates at Angola are in support of creating a “ONE-TIME” Exit Fee of $ 1.000.00 per each participant in the “PILOT PROGRAM and they have made a stipulation, that they are committed to maintaining employment, so that they can pay the required additional $ 64.00 monthly parole Fee(s)                                                                                                                               

Applying these precepts as a resolution to fixing our ECONOMY, will generate $2.500.000.00 in surplus funding, not including the additional @ 1.920.000.00 the State receives in parole fees each year.                                                                                                                                            

This revenue will not only defray any cost to the State, to begin its PILOT PROGRAM for inmates serving life-terms, but it will also allow this State to allocate ate least $ plus of the Tax-payer’s dollars into other state agencies( i.e Schools, Medicaid and Job security )


The fate of our economy is at stake !!!!                                                                              We think that is a really great alternative to slashing MILLIONS of DOLLARS from our Annual Spending Budgets at LSU and DHH.                                                                                The fundamental purpose of this correspondence is to Empower “Louisiana Senate House” and Louisiana House of representatives with new and practical ideas for the upcoming Legislative session, so that we can CHANGE the “WORSE PRISON SYSTEM in the Nation into a Penal Reform System that actually allows room for HUMAN GROWTH, TRUE_REFORMATION and REAL-REHABILITATION, to evolve in the lives of CHANGED men and women to take place.


Finally we urge t your support in this matter and we simply cannot                                “THANK YOU ENOUGH”                                                                                                                                 for the time you have sacrificed on your busy schedule to read this letter.                          We are truly, truly grateful to have you working for us !!!!                                                   In Anticipation of your Reply:


Respectfully Submitted:

Your sign !




Letter to
Department of public safety and corrections Susan sharp
Representative Patricia Smith
U.S. House of Representatives
and 2 others
U.S. Senate
President of the United States
To the HOUSE SUB-COMMITTEE ON CRIME, TERRORISM AND HOMELAND SECURITY, a PETITION from eligible U.S Citizen Electors in favor of Louisiana Legislative ACT 178, Relative to : Revised Statute 15:550.

SEC.(B)-1. Estabilishing a meaning ful opportunity for inmates who have been cinvicted of a crime of violence as defined in R.S.14.2 or Domestic Abuse Battery as defined in R.S 14.35.3.
To participate in the Pilot prigram.

A- In general- lousiana SHALL have effect Laws and policies under which eacn adult offender who is serving a life-term recieves, not less the once during the first 15 years of incarceration there after a meaningful hearing before the State Department of Corrections "Parole or Pilkot Boards" at which time , the Department SHALL make a determamination as to wheter the offenders is particularly like to respond affermatively to participation in the PILOT PROGRAM.

Immediately, since the date of the enactment of this Act was June 10 2004, the Secratary of Corrections, James.M.LeBlanc, SHALL issue guidelines and regulations to interpret and implement a Criteria such offenders are required to meet, in order to obtain such hearing(s).
This provision SHALL in no way be construed to limit the access of adult offends to other programs and appeals which they were rightly due prior to any action resulting from this PETITION.

In this section, the term "Crime of violence" means an individual who:
1) is convicted of an offense underlying R.S.14.2 and
2) is sentenced to a term of "NATURAL LIFE " or the functional equivalent in years, for that offense.

this section applies to all person(s) sentenced on or after the date of the enactment of R.S 15.550 as well as to all person who already been sentenced as of the date of the enactment of this Act.


Respectfully Submitted: