Safe Campsite for the Homeless in support of NBC


Safe Campsite for the Homeless in support of NBC

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Stan Robertson started this petition to northampton borough council

Currently we have the sad situation where there is a need for some to sleep out on our streets. As a result we see a number of tents erected in various locations across the town and town centre.

As much as we would all like to see everyone of these men and women inside, be it the shelter or other temp. accomodation, and eventually settled with all the right support in place, there is, at this present time, always some who are not quite there yet.

Camping on the streets is not safe. Many are forced into hiding, moving further and further away from central locations because of the dangers involved. Which means they become isolated and uncontactable by outreach and other teams. That leaves them at risk from the elements and from serious illness, alongside many other issues.

Town centre campers will also refuse on many occasions to enter the SWEP provisions due to the fear they have of all their belongings being removed whilst they sleep. Something that has been known to happen. Also for some the transition to an indoor community situation from outdoors is just to big a step to take in one go.

Some of the dangers faced for those on the streets are:

Physical assault 

Sexual assault 

Being urinated on

Verbal abuse

Set on fire

Theft of belongings 

All of which for so many is an accepted part of the life and goes unreported.

Northampton Borough Council are currently considering a proposal to establish a "Safe Site". A secure piece of land where porta loos can be placed and a bit of dignity offered.

A place where the street community can pitch their tents, without fear of reprisal or removal. A place where they can begin the transition from street to shelter, under the guidance of outreach and other agencies. A place where those that want it can start the journey away from the horrors of homelessness.

This is not a solution to homelessness, but a stepping stone. It's good for the rough sleepers, it's good for the outreach and other agencies to reach people effectively, it's good for the town and for the  businesses currently effected by tented communities.

Please do take the time to consider this.

It's not a dig at anyone or anyone's policies, just part of a larger thought process 


This petition made change with 135 supporters!

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