Termination of Ronald Moschella without Opportunity for Rehire

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As concerned members of the City of Columbiana, we want to take necessary actions to ensure that Ronald Moschella is terminated and not considered for rehire for any future staff position at Columbiana Exempted Village Schools. 
The disapproval for Moschella has been forced underground for the last 6 years, with people afraid to voice their true feelings. By making our disapproval public, we can show the Columbiana Board of Education and Superintendent, Don Mook how many people will no longer tolerate his antics, despite the teams successful records. 

Let's stand up for what we know is right.  Moschella's displays of unsportsmanlike conduct, verbal/physical abuse, and overall poor displays of professional adult conduct will no longer be overlooked by our community and those surrounding us.  Remember, the abuse does not need to be investigated, as it has been visible to anyone that has been to a game. The issue is not that some students and community members love and value him. It's that some students and community members have been harmed and mistreated by him.  The fact that he is well loved by some is not a counterargument to those that have taken the brunt of his abuse and manipulation.  

By signing this petition, you are taking stand against the excuses made for the mistreatment of our students.  You are taking a stand against improper relationships between adults and students that have been on display to children in our entire district.  You are agreeing that a winning record is not more important that the mental health of our young, impressionable student athletes.  By joining together, and creating one strong voice, we can do our best to create a positive change in our community by eliminating Ronald Moschella from our school district's staff and ensuring he is never hired again.