"LIFE WITHOUT PAROLE" Bring Back Parole-Reduce 85% Time Served to 65%

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   "LIFE WITHOUT PAROLE" Bring Back Parole-Reduce 85% Time Served to 65%
               “The Other Death Sentence! Help End Death By Incarceration”

THE FORGOTTEN MAJORITY: Petitioning Governor Ron DeSantis to take action to eliminate mass incarceration by reinstating Florida’s Parole in Florida for ALL who have demonstrated a change, rehabilitated, pose no threat to society and are not likely to re-offend.  Florida has the third largest prison population in the country and any offender who committed a crime after October 1, 983 is ineligible for parole in most cases. Florida is broke, and spends way too much on keeping inmates in prison way longer than any other state, yet, crime rate HAS NOT DROPPED!!  Florida is the ONLY state without Parole and the ONLY state that forces inmates to do 85% of their sentence as opposed to other states that require inmates to do 65% of their sentence.  In the end, we, the tax payers pay for those while government gets a break!!!  There was a proposal to release non-violent offenders, that was shot down, why??  The tax payers are paying to keep these inmates in there. 

Over-charging, over-sentencing and over-incarceration accounts for a prison population in Florida that is bulging at the seams, exceeding 100,000 inmates and costing tax payers $2.3 billion annually. There are several dynamics at work here starting with draconian sentencing guidelines which force a judge to impose extreme sentences that are not commensurate with the crime or the circumstances. Instead, investing correctional dollars in programs that reduce recidivism and serve as feasible alternatives to re-incarceration for minor violations would also reduce the financial headlock that Corrections holds around the necks of all Floridians.  For offenders and their families, no hope of parole means no hope at all. Help us to help those who have served a reasonable portion of an unreasonable sentence, have matured and take responsibility for their actions and are able to successfully reintegrate back into their communities and live law abiding lives. It's time to get smart on crime and seriously consider the unsustainable cost of mass incarceration from a fiscal standpoint as well as a moral one. Parole is the humane alternative. 

Thousands of individuals are waiting in Florida’s prisons, as well as others throughout the US…to die. These individuals instead of given a Death Sentence received a Life Sentence in prison to die by incarceration. Without the possibility of parole a Life Sentence it is no different than a Death Sentence. So…at the present time, without a parole release program or control release program, those inmates that have worked extremely hard during their incarceration to better themselves, educate and rehabilitate, will never have that opportunity to prove themselves worthy and will die in prison.

This is the result of laws intended to keep prison cells filled. But…who really benefits from these laws? Is it society, the tax-payers, these individuals? The answer is those corporations and individuals who make a profit off of the suffering of their fellow human beings.

What about those who received Life Sentences and those who have received extremely harsh sentences due to some form or another of the Get Tough on Crime Laws? The Pew Justice Institute researched prisoners who were around 40 or over who had done at least 10 years of their sentences, completed vocation, education and self-help classes, etc…. What did this research reveal? Their recidivism rate was anywhere from 60 to 70% lower than First Time Offenders’.  In fact, less than 10% of these individuals re-offended.

Sadly, Florida’s Prison population has thousands with Life Sentences who meet the Pew research’s Standard. Yet, due to these Draconian Laws they have no hope or opportunity for redemption based upon their merits. We need to change this situation, and give every inmate who qualifies and deserves an opportunity to re-enter Society that opportunity.

Some incarcerated individuals have participated voluntarily in anger management, drug treatment, problem resolution, thinking for a change, life skills, and faith and character based classes and programs. For others, they may not have had the same opportunities, but with the motivation to be considered for release, I can guarantee they would seek those classes and programs out. Why not make it part of the requirement for consideration? Plant the seeds, and watch the crops grow. There are already “After Care” programs in place, like the “Continuum of care program” GED offers. Make this program available to all newly released inmates period.  Save money in advance, instead of guaranteeing recidivism.

Without the opportunity for parole or some other type of release, what is the motivation for an incarcerated to do the right thing in prison? Without any hope of seeing the streets and living a normal life, what incentives are there? This is the atmosphere created by these ridicules, and failed draconian sentencing schemes, and is the laws in so many states. Using Florida as an example, the state department of corrections seal used to say, “The Florida department of correction and rehabilitation”! Today’s seal no longer has “and rehabilitation” and especially those with life sentences, there is no rehabilitation.  In fact, if an inmate has a life sentence, many educational and vocational classes are not available to them.
Excerpt taken from “Wrongly Charged: A Look at the Legal System” By: David Merkatz, Prominent books, 2015

Inmate Jack Allen describes Life Sentence in Florida like this:

“It becomes worse and worse after every court denial, every death in the family, every marriage missed, every child born without you there.  Special days like graduations and so forth are just nails in your coffin.  Each passing day, more dirt is thrown on your grave, you are dead, and your body just does not know it yet.”  For myself and thousands of others serving Life Sentences, the state of Florida intends to incarcerate us until our last breath.

         By signing this Petition, you will be telling the Governor of Florida, his Cabinet, Senators and Congressman that this is the Moral and Ethical thing to do. Give those individuals the opportunity they deserve. You will be sending a message to the Prosecutors and Judges and yes, to the Prison Industrial Complex that “Enough is Enough!”  With an ever increasing and aging prison population of individuals waiting to die, medical and housing costs increase dramatically. This burden is passed on to the tax payers. Isn’t Enough Enough? 

Won’t you help us get to fix this broken system and help the State of Florida reach the ideal of rehabilitation, and give those who deserve it, the opportunity to return to society. If so please sign and share this petition and contact Governor Ron DeSantis and the committee today!! Thousands of Lives depend on it!

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Please help support this Injustice by signing and sharing the attached petition as well! After 20 years of imprisonment, further incarceration is not necessary. Support freedom deserved! https://www.change.org/p/support-the-release-freedom-deserved