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Support First Step Medical Clinic (Methadone Treatment Centre)

Recently, a petition has been circulated throughout our community calling for the relocation of the First Step Medical Clinic (methadone treatment centre).  This petition is a demonstration of support for First Step Medicial Clinic, it's current location and the individuals working to manage and treat their addiction at the facility. 

Whereas, addiction to opioids and other substances is a public health issue and methadone maintenance treatment (MMT) is an effective means to treat such addictions [1]; and

 Whereas, MMT has a number of other benefits, including reducing the transmission of HIV [2] while causing “no significant increase” in crime in the areas surrounding methadone treatment clinics[3]; and

Whereas, the location of the First Step Medical Clinic (methadone treatment centre) in downtown Oshawa is accessible for a vast majority of individuals who utilize the clinic; and

Whereas, downtown Oshawa is a diverse community inclusive of all people; therefore

We the undersigned:

1)         Support individuals working to manage and treat their addictions.

2)         Support downtown businesses that value and serve all members of our community.

3)         Support the First Step Medical Clinic and other harm reduction strategies.

4)         Support the current location of the First Step Medical Clinic and oppose any effort to relocate the treatment centre.


[1] Centre for Addiction and Mental Health. (2012). Methadone Maintenance Treatment: Client Handbook. Retrieved, May 28, 2013 from

[2] Academy for Educational Development. (2002). Methadone Maintenance Treatment.Department of Health and Human Services. Retrieved on May 28, 2013 from

[3] Boyd, S. J., Fang, L. J., Medoff, D. R., Dixon, L. B., & Gorelick, D. A. (2012). Use of a ‘microecological technique’ to study crime incidents around methadone maintenance treatment centers. Addiction. 107 (9) 1360-1443.

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    Mayor Henry
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    Councillor Pidwerbecki
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    Councillor Neal
  • Oshawa City Council
    Councillor Marimpietri
  • Oshawa City Council
    Councillor England
  • Oshawa City Council
    Councillor Diamond
  • Oshawa City Council
    Councillor Chapman
  • Oshawa City Council
    Councillor Bouma
  • Oshawa City Council
    Councillor Aker
  • Oshawa City Council
    Councillor Wood

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