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Funding denied for students

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No funding for part time students...No funding for private or training colleges. So NO funding for mothers/carers and no help to further your education. See below.

Current law in Ireland (SUSI offers funding to eligible students in approved full-time third-level education in Ireland and also, in some cases, funding for students studying outside the State. We offer support to all types of students, from school leavers to mature students returning to education.)

MY situation is I am a carer for my daughter and would be a mature student. I have been fighting the last year to get any kind of student grant/ funding or any assistance to further my education. I choose counselling and psychotherapy with IICP and one of the reasons was to be more equipped with children with special needs and mental health issues. I managed to scrape the funds together this year to get the credits to go onto the degree in September, but because I choose a training college and can only study part time as a carer they will not fund me at all. And now I have the credits and won't be able to continue.

How can you penalise a mother for wanting to further her career and give back. Surely these rules need to change. All we ever hear is that Irish women would prefer to sit at home and get paid by the government but that is NOT true. I want to show my child that I have ambition that I have goals. But because I can't work I have no income to fund college fees. 

Having researched it over and over and talked to lots of charities. They are all the same they won't help fund part time or private education. It has to be full time and in a public college. And as a mother and a carer you can't and you need to be close in case your child needs you even if it is one evening a week.

Please help me change this law. It's an absolute disgrace. Everyone should have equal opportunity.

please also check this out:

thank you 

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