Support dog-friendly Park Bylaw changes in Summerland!

Support dog-friendly Park Bylaw changes in Summerland!

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Why this petition matters

Currently the District of Summerland is considering rewriting its 18-year-old dog bylaws that are highly restrictive and very out-of-date. Unlike nearly every other nearby community and contrary to common practice, on-leash dogs are NOT currently allowed year-round on ANY District parks and outdoor green spaces that your taxes pay for you to enjoy!  

Summerland has always had very limited places for you to exercise your dog. During the summer there is no dog park field suitable for exercise or play at all! Peach Orchard Park is available for use during the off season but has no fencing at all and floods often. Considering that 58% of Canadian homes own at least one dog, this is embarrassing lack of amenities for a community of over 12,000 people! 

Please sign our petition supporting bylaw changes allowing on-leash dogs in parks and outdoor greens spaces year-round, and off-leash access to select parks during the off season.

We want your support and help to advocate for these changes so we can be a more inclusive community showing that dog owners are respected and valued member of the community. Increasing dog access to parks also show our tourists that this is a desirable place to vacation with their family dogs as well!  

Our endorsed Bylaw Changes:

1. Permit on-leash dogs all year (except sports facilities/fields, playgrounds, waterparks and non-designated beaches) at the following parks:

- Memorial Park - Dale Meadows Park - Peach Orchard Beach Park - Peach Orchard Campground - Living Memorial Park -Powell Beach Park - Giant’s Head Park - Conkle Mountain Park - Cartwright Mountain - Summerland Rodeo Grounds

2. Permit off-leash dogs during the off-season from Oct 1 to May 1 at the following parks:

- Peach Orchard Beach Park - Peach Orchard Campground - Living Memorial Park - Powell Beach Park - Giant’s Head Park - Conkle Mountain Park - Summerland Rodeo Grounds

3. Until such time as a fully-fenced year-round off leash dog park suitable for exercise and play is created and available, off-season off-leash dogs be permitted in a designated section at the following parks:

- Living Memorial Park - Dale Meadows Park


Sign the petition to show your support for these changes!

Thank you!

Summerland Dog Owners Association



Did you know?

The District Parks and Rec Advisory Committee consists of 6 members of the community that have direct influence on how changes proposed to park are recommended to Mayor and Council.  This committee has remained fundamentally unchanged for 8 years and has no members who care about, or advocate on behalf of the needs of dog owners.

Unfortunately, some of the current members have made it quite clear in public open houses that they do not support any dog initiatives from dog owners and refuse to engage directly with the dog community to address our concerns. Applications by dog-owning residents (with excellent credentials) over the years to join this committee have also not been rejected.

A healthy advisory committee should see a healthy rotation of new representatives every few years. It should seek open-minded, inclusive members from a broad range of interests. This will allow new faces, news ideas, and new concepts to be heard and considered. This will also allow the advisory committee to grow with diversity and align with the current times and needs of our population. Advisory committees should also seek represent the full diversity of the community and its needs and take steps to minimize “defending turf” and the interests of select small user groups.

If you share our concerns, let Summerland Mayor and Council know, and consider applying for an advisory committee role.  

Your voice does matter!


295 have signed. Let’s get to 500!