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Ever since the 2009 military coup disrupted Honduran democracy, state violence against the political resistance has been used to silence those who struggle for justice and sovereignty in Honduras.

You can take action today to get your representative in Congress to sign on to a Dear Colleague letter that calls on the Obama administration to cut off aid to Honduras while these human rights atrocities continue and those responsible continue operating with impunity.


Letter to
U.S. House of Representatives
I am writing today to urge you, as my representative in Congress, to take a stand for human rights in Honduras. We need money for jobs, schools, and public services in the United States, not for repressing democratic social movements in Honduras.

Ever since the coup disrupted Honduran democracy on June 28, 2009, freedom of political expression, free speech and human rights have been under constant assault.

Please co-sign Representative Farr's Dear Colleague letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to Support Democracy in Honduras. The letter calls attention to the more atrocious violations of human rights and incidents of politically motivated violence.

The letter calls on the Obama administration to curtail assistance to the Lobo government until it protects the rights of all Hondurans, not just political supporters, and remove people who participated in the coup d’état from the leadership of government corporations.

The letter will close October 7. To sign on, contact Thank you for your time, consideration, and commitment to representing the values of your constituents.


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