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Colia L. Liddell LaFayette Clark is committed to a strategy of taking the campaign to the people to address those specific issues and concerns of each target group through dialogue and education. A key element of the campaign is redefining values for work, education, family and community. Colia Clark will participate in community meetings, utilizing every technology and media available, to encourage the New York State community to work with the Green Party in building a self-sufficient NYS and nation.
As US Senator, I will work tirelessly to address the failing economy, failing schools, criminal injustice system, war on Black and Brown communities, assault on the rights of women and girls, US sponsored wars in Asia, Africa and elsewhere on the globe, failing infrastructure, the crisis in energy, food production and other areas of the USA socio-political economy.
My platform is a Freedom Agenda and an Economic Bill of Rights for the 21st Century. The Colia Clark for US Senate Green option is food for the mind which gives life to economy, ecology and spirit.
Platform Issues
A literate society is a free society that is secure in all areas of the political economy.
Reclaiming and Building Public Education – Education is a national security issue. An ignorant population cannot protect the nation. A literate society is a free society that is secure in all areas of the political economy.
I am campaigning for a constitutional right to a universal education beginning with daycare through 4 years of college and for terminal degrees for those pursuing degrees in medicine, education, agriculture, engineering, architecture and technology. Immigrant students must be granted full access without exceptions. *Universal Education for All: Democratizing College Education with Free tuition at Public colleges and universities for all, no loans.
The nation can ill afford to accept a student loan plan that is spread across even one year in these difficult economic times, certainly not spread across 10 or 20 years. The immediate cancellation of all student loan debt is the healthiest choice for the nation.
* Provides full financial support for all students pursuing degrees in medicine and related health care fields, education, agriculture and agriculture related fields, engineering and technology.

* Immigrants students must be given full access to a universal education without being trapped into the USA military or forced to abandon their families. An educated nation is a secure nation. An educated population is the only way to build a stable financial future for any people and nation.
Early Childhood Education and Health
I will Work hard for child care subsidies and after school programs that serve all American children and youth; including increased funding for SNAPS.
Work to strengthen and provide Increased funding for Project Headstart.
Reverse the pattern of robbing the public education budget in order to build the Charter School Movement, Restore art, music, home economic and industrial and technology. All Americans must be educated to feed, clothe and house themselves.
Green Corp for all public funded schools: Building literacy for survival: A Curriculum for the 21st Century and beyond. Inner city gardens and farms, acquisition of state owned and other unused lands, rental of land from farmers, beyond boundaries of major cities for School co-op agric- businesses for high school students. Every dimension of agric-business development including marketing, field operations, purchasing, management- administration, savings programs in businesses owned by community, land development, horticulture, canning and procuring food, dairy, home economics, spinning, quilting, embroidery, knitting, crocheting, tanning, cleaning local creeks, ponds, lakes and streams, erosion and water control, fertilizing naturally, road grading and development, etc. is to be part of core curriculum. Each American student must be taught how to live green.
Rights for Women and Girls
I am campaigning for the right of women to own themselves, to make all choices for their bodies, and for the morning after pill.
I am campaigning for the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment which was passed by Congress and Senate in 1972 but still is not law because 17 backward woman hating US states refuse to ratify it. Eighty nine years (89 years) without full equal rights for women is much too long.
* Return of tax payer dollars given to banks under the assumption that “banks were too big to fail”. As of 2012 the banks labeled too big to fail are bigger than ever with banks controlling 56% of the present USA economy over against 43% in 2008. The increase of 13% must be turned over immediately to the tax payers. I will propose legislation for the immediate return of TAX Payer accrued interest held by five of the nation’s largest banks with provision for Never Again written in to the banking laws.
Keeping Unions Strong - Repeal All Legislation that Impede Workers Human Right to organize and Bargain for Fair Wages, Benefits and Safe environments. There must be Full Employment with a Meaningful Wage or a Guaranteed Annual Income.
Our Farmers Are Ourselves- I will push vigorously for federal legislation to provide NY farmers with critical finances and resources to compete in the state, national and world market.
Protecting Families is a Human Right - The right of immigrants to live, to work, and to have their families visit is a human right which the Colia Clark Campaign will protect, using every avenue to assure it is implemented in public law and policy, putting legislation in place to protect and secure.
Repealing All Tariffs that Restrict and Destroy- NAFTA, CAFTA, Project Hope, and other infringements on the right of businesses and workers of South and Central America and the Caribbean is unacceptable hideous cancerous instruments of corporate powers operating under the US flag. Free Trade Zones are a violation of workers’ rights under the International Declaration of Human Rights.
Repeal the Bill Clinton, Chuck Schumer Wall Street Scheme that deregulated Glas Stegal: The deregulation of banks has led the nation into the present economic crisis. Push for Strong Wall Street Regulation and Oversight to prevent the profiteering at public expense. Prosecute and Penalize All Wall Street Businesses and Firms that engaged in this Profiteering Racket. These Robbers Must Repay Every Cent with Interest.
Home Owner Restoration Project: I will propose a Home Owner Restoration Project for those who lost homes due to the corporate induced mortgage crisis.
I will push for federal legislation which provides greater protection of Owners and Tenants Rights
Health Insurance:
The health of any nation is a national security issue. American people must have a constitutional right to full health care including eye and dental. The health care debate is not off the table. As Senator from New York, I will join with those members in both Houses of the Congress. Which are pushing for Single Payer as a constitutional right to universal health care with inclusion of full eye and dental plan. The Obama Law that forces citizens to purchase Health Insurance from Private Insurance Companies is inadequate and unacceptable.
Those who dare to destroy MEDICARE would be wise to beware. I will stand and fight for protection for senior citizens through all avenues.
Propose a Marshall Plan for the USA that Funds Community-owned, Controlled Businesses that Employ Community Members as Stakeholders in Schools and Farms.
Mass Transit for New York City and Rural New York as Part of Development of New York State
Reconstruction of the Economy of Western and Northern New York: Workforce Development and loans for Small Business Development -Green Sources: Sun, Wind and Water Power and other Green Resources. Propose Permanent End to Hydro-fracking and drilling for Coal and Oil and Zero Nuclear power development
Propose Legislation to end to the violation of our precious planet’s forests, rivers, streams, off shore ocean water, and wild life in the name of a search for energy sources.
Finance the Development of Green Sources Green Sources: Sun, Wind and Water Power and other Green Resources. Propose Permanent End to Hydro-fracking and drilling for Coal and Oil and Zero Nuclear power development
Federal and State mandated financing for a Green Energy Program that saves the environment, saves tax dollars: Energy sources must be safe, accessible, and affordable.
NYS National and International Trade: National Green Corp Market Development and expansion in Fair Trade with opens borders- New York-made goods, agriculture produce, and our fine culture will be shared with our neighbors. We must flaunt New York all over the world.
Election Law Review – Fair Reapportionment - End the new Three Fifths of a Man program that counts prisoners as voters in areas other than where they resided at the time of their incarceration
Criminal Justice
Repeal in full death penalty legislation
Repeal President Bill Clinton “Effective Death Penalty and Imprisonment Law” of 1996.
Restore in full Habeas Corpus
End “Stop and Frisk”
Criminal justice system must be a not-for-profit system, free of political wheeling and dealing with human life.
Pathway for all American youth must be to college -- not jails and prisons.
Prisons must not become homes for the homeless.
Prisons are not mental institutions and must not serve that purpose.
Fight for complete and Full Repeal of the Rockefeller Drug Laws with a pathway for reintegrating all non- violent prisoners into society with full rights as citizens.
Release, forgiveness and reintegration into society for all those charged with nonviolent criminal offenses; including all prisoners arrested under the Rockefeller Drug laws..
Community controlled Police Review Boards made up of and controlled by members of the community.
End Prohibition on Marijuana - Legalize medical Marijuana and marijuana, including Hemp crop production and development in NYS
Dismantle the US War Machine: End all Wars now. Bring all troops home by June 1, 2013. I will oppose legislation proposed by New York Senator Christen Gillibrand that promotes redeploying our brave men and women to new war zones. Bring the troops home to rebuild and refurbish America. Bring the Troops and resources home to USA. It’s fair. It’s just. It’s human. It’s American
End support for American businesses and military companies operating in the Illegal War in Iraq: Blood on US Citizens Hands
End the 911 War Games on the Innocent People and Land of Afghanistan, Pakistan and threats to Iran and North Korea.
It is important that the families of 911 victims have peace and that the victims’ partners and children are cared for.
Proper clean-up of all hazardous 911 materials and waste.
911 Workers and community members affected by the waste must be given comprehensive health care, and provided with benefits to cover the cost of damages incurred along with just compensation.
Full transparency related to the 911 attack with answers that fit the facts, not the fiction built on fantasy.
Haiti and Our Southern Neighbors: Ending the Age of Arrogant Power Free Haiti to Govern Itself Without USA Interference. Reparations for Haiti which include just compensation for 95 Years of USA Damages to the Republic of Haiti and its People, Release the Billions of Dollars Promised Republic of Haiti for Hurricane Relief in 2009 and earthquake relief 2010.
Call for Immediate Removal of UN Troops from Haiti
End USA meddling in the affairs of our Southern neighbors in Central and South America and Caribbean Islands.
.Private Businesses Developing Military Weapons- Congressional legislation that places a 15 % (fifteen percent) tax on all businesses with Defense Department Contracts, no matter how large or small the business.
End Defense Department “No Bid Game”, the No Bid Game is Un-American.
Close ALL Military Induction Centers in vicinity of high schools and colleges.
Land Development Initiative- I will support the development and implementation of NY State and national programs that open up avenues for research into new and creative ways of reclaiming land damaged by acid rain and other chemical misuse and abuse. An example would be the 60 miles along the St Lawrence Sea Way between Iroquois Nation and Lake Placid.
Forestation and Greening of all Vacant land in and around inner cities, and along roads and highways. Making and keeping America beautiful is a plan of the Clark Senatorial campaign.
Restoration of Historical Monuments - Propose legislation to restore and reclaim the history of NYS and nation, including: Henry Highland Garnet, John Brown, Labor, Workers, Women, Long Hammering Tradition, Indigenous Cultures, African Slave sites, and other cultural and economic land marks which provide insight into the history of NYS and its Peoples
It is a priority that members of the Colia Clark campaign represent the diverse population and regions of New York State as way of showcasing the values of NYS and of the NYS Green Party.
“Change Is Possible Pocket Coins Are Unacceptable”. Colia L. Clark

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