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Support Camp Gladiator's Application for Specific Use Permits in Southlake, TX

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The City of Southlake is reviewing Camp Gladiator's application for (4) Specific Use Permits to operate an outdoor fitness program at (4) sites (3 church parking lots and 1 commercial property).  After operating in Southlake for 7 years, the City received a complaint from a local business about Camp Gladiator's use of the parking lot where they lease space.  Although Camp Gladiator attained approval through the store manager of the parking lot used for workouts, the City is required to address all complaints.  The City of Southlake requires any business operating in a parking lot to apply for a Specific Use Permit (SUP).  Camp Gladiator has complied and is currently seeking approval to continue operating at (4) Southlake sites - St. John's Baptist Church, White's Chapel United Methodist Church, The Hills Church and Hobby Lobby.

Camp Gladiator's SUP application for each site must get majority vote from Southlake city council members at the next City Council meeting on 4/18/2017. Camp Gladiator respectfully requests Southlake City Council members to show support for Camp Gladiator's positive impact on the residents and the community of Southlake by voting to APPROVE ALL (4) SUPs on April 18, 2017. 


Camp Gladiator, an outdoor fitness program has been living out its mission "to positively impact the physical fitness and ultimately the lives of as many people as possible" since it started in 2008.  Camp Gladiator ("CG") opened its first location in Fall 2008 in Dallas, Texas.  In 2010, Southlake residents, Christopher and Janet Noonan, introduced me to the Founders, Jeff and Ally Davidson.  Jeff and Ally shared with me the beginnings of the CG Story and their VISION to make an impact in the world one life at a time through fitness and community.  Watch (then watch again and really LISTEN) to the CG Story in the CG Founders'  own words-

In April/May 2010, I (Brooke Bradley Nicholson) and Carol Martin joined Camp Gladiator as Partner Trainers #8 and #9 to open Camp Gladiator's first location West of Dallas at St. John's Baptists Church in Southlake, Texas.  CG Southlake experienced rapid growth over the next several years leading to the addition of more locations and trainers in Southlake and surrounding areas.  From 2010 to 2017, Camp Gladiator's Dallas/Forth Worth market has added over 750 locations, 230 Partner Trainers and 22,000 campers. Nationwide, Camp Gladiator currently operates in 5 states (Texas, Louisiana, Colorado, Florida, North Carolina) with 2212 locations, 595 Partner Trainers and 48,277 campers.

Camp Gladiator is passionate about the CG Mission Statement and Core Values.  As you can see below, Camp Gladiator and the City of Southlake share very similar core values-



1. Integrity: Being worthy of the public's trust in all things. We deal honestly and respectfully with each other and the public at all times.

2. Innovation: Valuing progressive thinking, creativity, flexibility and adaptability in service delivery.

3. Accountability: Taking personal responsibility for our actions or inaction while putting the interest of the taxpayer first.

4. Commitment to Excellence: Behaving responsively in our delivery of service to the public. Our work is characterized by its quality and by the diligence with which it is carried out. We proactively seek to solve problems in advance.

5. Teamwork: Recognizing the importance of working together to meet our citizen's needs, communicating clearly sharing resources and information freely.


1. Passion

2. Teamwork & Abundance ("Better Together")

3. Integrity

4. Vision ("Innovation")

5. Self-Motivation & Responsible Mindset Thinking ("Accountability" and "Commitment to Excellence")


Mission driven to positively impact the physical Fitness and ultimately the lives of as many people as possible.

Over 8000 Southlake residents have been trained by Camp Gladiator Trainers over the last 7 years

7 years operating and never a complaint to the city until December 2016 due to a "competing" business that we actually sent our customers to as a community gesture during bold week. The only complaint prior to December was raised by a neighbor of St. John's Church which was resolved immediately.

Partner with 25+ businesses in the community, even other fitness businesses like Cyclebar and Sunstone Yoga. We believe in Changing lives, period.

Volunteer time with CISD schools. CG Trainers partnered with OUES 2014-2016 and Carroll ES 2016 donating their time, equipment and expertise to put on FUNdraisers raising over $150k  of which 100% funds went directly to the schools as opposed to previous years when the schools relied on the help of a third-party company at the cost of approximately 40% of funds raised.

Volunteer our time and services annually to run field days for the youth at OUES, Walnut Grove, DIS and Carroll Elem functions.

Ran week long segment in CISD PE classes at no charge to spread the importance of fitness and staying active and show that fitness can be FUN

Member of the Southlake Chamber of Commerce

Member of the "We Care" program with CISD (2015-2017)

Offer CISD teachers and staff discount to CG (via Partnership) and each teacher receives a free 4-week camp session for teacher appreciation every year (2012-2017)

Free Fit Chats on health and fitness for all CISD employees and other businesses in Southlake.

Donate free camps to a southlake "business of the week" each camp over the years. This gives the entire office FREE CG for a month.

Top 3 fundraiser in Relay for Life to support a camper's (Pam FRANCIS) sister's battle with cancer (2013)

Raised over 10,000 stuffed bunnies for Cooks Children's Hospital for Easter to give to Terminally ill children (2010-2017)

Sponsored for free all the 5k races and events held in Southlake. Our trainers have donated hours and hours of their time for the fitness of the Southlake community.

You cannot measure Camp Gladiator's greatest impact and contribution to the Southlake community - the positive impact CG has on countless lives - from body transformations to support through difficult times to friendships formed to developing self-worth, etc. Although they aren't measurable, the stories and testimonies shared with us over the past  years sum up our "WHY" at Camp Gladiator. 

We are just getting started.... we CAN'T stop now...SO many more lives to impact.

Please Vote "YES" on Camp Gladiator's applications for Specific Use Permits on April 18, 2017.

Better Together,

Brooke Bradley Nicholson

Camp Gladiator Partner Trainer - Southlake 



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