We stand with BYJUS & ShahRukh Khan

We stand with BYJUS & ShahRukh Khan

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Amit Gupta started this petition to Support BYJUS and Shahrukh Khan and

We stand with Shah Rukh Khan. STOP Social Media Trials and Corporate Bullying!!

Let’s look at this way, you're walking on a pathway with your child, and suddenly the child trips and hurts his knee. What do you do as a parent, advise him how to walk, clean the wound, wipe away his tears and walk ahead. If he can't walk, maybe even carry him until your home.

Now if a bystander points finger at you and says, you tripped him, you ensured he got hurt, you don't know how to make him walk, you haven't got him the right shoes to walk, you haven't tied the shoe lace or you yourself dont know how to walk. What would be your response? Does any act and say from the bystander make sense?

Then how does it make sense to punish Shahrukh Khan for the conduct of his child. Aryan Khan is a 23 year old adult. Who makes his own choices, what does that have to do with SRK.

Why? Why as a society some of us are being so judgemental, that every wrong act of the child is looked upon as a punishable offense for the parent. Is it because Shah Rukh is a world renowned celebrity and everything in his life has to be perfectly right? Isn’t that too much to ask from just another human being.

Let’s take a step back and look at how much Shah Rukh Khan has given back to the country and the society at large and hence deserves all respect and any kind of endorsement he wants to do.

Shah Rukh Khan has been a brand ambassador of various governmental campaigns - two most prominent being Pulse Polio and National AIDS Control Organisation. In 2011 he was appointed by the UNOPS as the first global ambassador of the Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council.
In 2011, King Khan became the first Indian to be honoured with UNESCO's Pyramide con Marni award for his charitable commitment to provide education for underprivileged children
In the year 2012, SRK adopted 12 villages during NDTV’s Greenathon project. With his own expenditures he is providing electricity, water,education, medicines and all other basic needs to these villages.
Shah Rukh Khan donated Rs 25 crore towards ‘Social and Rural development’ during the year 2014.
Shah Rukh Khan was awarded the Crystal Award at the World Economic Forum 2018 in Switzerland. He was awarded as a humanitarian because of his efforts to rehabilitate acid attack survivors through his non-profit organisation named Meer Foundation. The foundation helped acid attack survivors in their treatments, surgeries and finding them employment opportunities.
In 2020 he announced a series of initiatives to help the Central and State Govt in their fight against the coronavirus pandemic. The relief measures included providing meals, groceries and basic essentials for thousands of underprivileged people and daily wage laborers affected by the lockdown. To top it all he offered his four-storied personal office space to Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation to be utilised as a quarantine facility.

These are just a few of his humanitarian work. Let's be fair and not target people and destroy families and businesses. Any kid can make a mistake. Bullying parents is inhuman.

Stand with SRK and the brands that make a good difference.

Stop social media trials and corporate bullying. Sign the petition now.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!