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Allow Bluebonnet Racing Circuit to be built in Washington County by Supporting Private Property Rights.

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Maintaining the rights of individual property owners to use their land in Texas is key to the survival of our great State. To allow any group of individuals no matter how well intended to dictate the use of another's land in absence of State, County, or City regulation without compensation will undoubtedly lead to the loss of other cherished freedoms.

Bluebonnet Racing Circuit has 500 acres under contract and options on an additional 700 outside Chappell Hill just of Hwy 290 northwest of Houston. It also has two other sites under option on which we are running due diligence and engineering concurrently in an effort to reduce the time required to develop the desperately needed new track.

This project is designed to replace Texas World Speedway which has provided a safe environment for Motorsports fans as well as millions of dollars annually to the College Station economy for over 40 years. This historic track is closing and being converted into mixed use housing due to increased property values and urban creep. We all wish TWS was staying around for another 40 years but the reality is that it's closing and there is no other track to take its booked dates.

The project regardless of site has been located so that is not subject to land use regulation and requires no use permits, local or county approval, and is complying fully with state regulations.

Despite this unquestionable legal status management wishes to be sensitive to the environment, users needs, as well as those of local residents.

To best accomplish this the designers have developed a comprehensive land use and sound mitigation policy. We have chosen self regulation to insure compatibility of use in absence of governmental oversight.

Design has also taken into account the beautiful countryside and created a paddock which will instantly look historical by emulating the architecture of many older structures.

Not purely relying on lack of zoning CTH has self imposed sound limits on the track, which will be strictly enforced to insure the sound levels at our fence lines are compliant with state mandated levels.

Track management has a comprehensive sound plan including static testing protocols, and multiple monitoring stations both trackside and at the property lines. Additionally passive sound reduction designs are incorporated into paddock and track side buildings. The firm has employed engineers to design aesthetically pleasing sound walls in many areas, while utilizing the ample natural terrain to mitigate sound as well. Additionally being located on 500 acres allows ample setback to help avoid perceived noise pollution issues.

The master plan of the 1200 acre development is to create a historical village concept with the track as its centerpiece. This plan call for new homesites, an active adult community section, parks, walking and equestrian trails, stables, garage condos, a low rise resort hotel, museum, and retail in the comercial zones. Room has been set aside for a new elementary school as well as a law enforcement substation.

Dark sky initiative standards will be employed on all lighting to protect the night sky from light pollution. Even paddock buildings have been designed to limit escaping light and the entire facility will use motion sensors to control street, entry and exit lighting. To further reduce impact Motorsports operations cease at 6 pm daily.

Traffic issues have been reviewed resulting in direct access from 290 as a design consideration with three different access points and the existence of a traffic control light as well as oversize turning lanes. Further the nature of club level events with a majority of cars being driven to and from the track and varying arrival and departure times will reduce impact.

Maintaining open space is key to the project with the goal of preserving more than 400 acres in a park like setting as the centerpiece of the new community. Low flow water technology and energy efficient designs are being incorporated into all phases of the development to reduce Enviromental impact. Solar and wind generation will be employed where practical along with rainwater harvesting.

Unfortunately despite these extraordinary efforts which have never before been incorporated into a single Texas track including COTA we simply hear from some the sound of a resounding NO.

Lawsuits were filed against us before due diligence was completed, which is unfortunate as it's possible upon completion that this site would never be selected. Most troubling despite attempts to reach out to the community we have been met with no room for mediation by a relatively small but very vocal opposition group.

This opposition group intimidates others in the community, and has run deceptive ads nationally. Apparently they feel justified in publicly threatening the jobs of elected officials who do not comply with their wishes. They have communicated exparte with judges forcing a third Judge from far outside the area to be assigned to this case before even the first hearing can be held causing months of delay.

Recent news articles quote the County as saying that more calls of support from residents than opposition have been received and yet this oppose group continues to claim they speak for everyone.

The final site selection will be chosen based on which best fits the needs of our users not intimidation tactics. It will allow for creation of a stable, safe and exciting track, while also fully complying all local, county, and state laws.

Please support private property rights and the right for the property owner to build the Bluebonnet Racing Circuit. This will insure future generations are able to enjoy the facility allow for a safe learning environment while protecting the iconic tradition of Motorsports. This is as American as Apple Pie, Football, and Fourth of July celebrations. Family values start at tracks all across this great nation and they are often the building blocks of the community.

Please Stand up and don't let a few destroy the future for so many.



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