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Time to ask your friends and family to help

We have just passed 1,000 comments in 24 hours. 

We can't allow Senior Health Officials to engage in systemic stigmatization of recovery and bed-based services.  We cannot allow the idea that bed-based treatment is not a viable option in the continuum of care.  All pathways must be fully supported.

You all are part of the solution - thank you

Now let's get those 2,0000 signatures by following these steps

  1. Text 20 of your closets contacts in your phone that probably aren't on your social media feeds to get them to sign
  2. Share the link to the petition in your favourite social media groups
  3. Share the link again to your pages on Twitter and facebook
  4. Here is the link to share 

PS - have you read the comments in the petition?  They are beautiful 

Giuseppe Ganci
2 weeks ago