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Petitioning Mayor Pro Tem Mike Martinez and 6 others

Support Austin's Simple Plan to Reduce Homelessness by 20%

Austin is considering a plan that could provide permanent homes for 20 percent of the city's homeless population. The city council is currently debating donating land to Mobile Loaves & Fishes, a charity that would set up 100 trailers there.

According to Mobile Loaves & Fishes in Austin, 40 people are already housed in 34 of their trailers around Austin. More than 85 percent of these residents have maintained stable housing for over a year.

Mobile Loaves & Fishes plans to do all the fundraising needed to buy the RV trailers and establish the trailer park, so the taxpayers wouldn't be responsible for it. Everyone wins. 

Send a letter of support encouraging Austin's mayor and city council to support the donation of land for the trailer park as soon as possible.

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Letter to
Mayor Pro Tem  Mike Martinez
Mayor of Austin Lee Leffingwell
City Councilmember Chris Riley
and 4 others
City Councilmember Randi Shade
City Councilmember Laura Morrison
City Councilmember Bill Spelman
City Councilmember Sheryl Cole
I recently learned that the Austin City Council is currently debating a plan that could seriously reduce homelessness in the city. I urge you to donate land to Mobile Loaves & Fishes for the creation of Jennifer Gale Village, and to do so without delay.

Mobile Loaves & Fishes already houses 40 people in Austin, and more than 85% of their residents have maintained stable housing for over a year. MLF is prepared to create and operate Jennifer Gale Village and provide 100 new trailers. All they need is land.

I encourage you to request that the FAA allow the unused land near Austin-Bergstrom Airport to be donated for Jennifer Gale Village. The federal government recently committed to ending homelessness in ten years. Please remind the FAA to honor this goal by donating the land immediately and at no cost.

If for any reason the FAA does not allow the donation, please donate other city-owned land for the creation of Jennifer Gale Village.

Please show your commitment to ending homelessness by donating land for this worthy and much-needed project.