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Support Efforts to pass ANSR's Model Smoking Pollution Control Ordinance Nine AZ Cities

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In 1985 ANSR drafted a Model Smoking Pollution Control Ordinance based on ordinances passed in cities in California.  The Arizona legislature was considering a bill that would have preempted cities from passing ordinances.  ANSR opposed the bill because the City of Tempe had passed an ordinance based on the ANSR Model.  The City of Phoenix passed an ordinance and other cities followed.

In 2006 Proposition 201, the Smoke-Free Arizona Act, was on the ballot.  The voters passed it.  A.R.S. 601.01 superseded all city ordinances and established minimum standards for all cities.  The city ordinances are no longer in effect.

In 2014 the Tempe Mayor and City Council passed Ordinance No. 2014.33 amending the city code, relating to regulation of smoking E-cigarettes.  In 2015 the Tempe Mayor and City Council passed Ordinance No. 02015.21 relating to smoking in private vehicles what transport children.  The City of Tempe failed to acknowledge and adopt the language of A.R.S. 36-601.01.  The City could have added E-cigarettes cause Section M allows subdivions of the state to adopt ordinances or regulations that are more restrictive than the "Act.".  

ANSR had provided a copy of the ANSR Model Smoking Pollution Control Comprehensive Ordinance Draft #7, Corrected March 3, 2014 , which copies the language of the "Act" and adds new language to correct the deficiencies.

On May 1, 2017, Mayor Mark Mitchell received the same ANSR Model which includes regulations of E-cigarettes and smoking i employer vehicles that transport children.  There has been no response.  

ANSR continues to urge cities to participate in a regional approach to correct the deficiencies in A.R.S. 36-601.01.  The City of Tempe needs to set a good example. 

Please voice your support for ANSR's efforts.  Arizonans for Non-Smokers' Rights is a 501 ( C ) 4 Political Action Organization.  All work is done by volunteers.  ANSR has served Arizona since 1984.


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