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Support Anonymous Family Court

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Jane and John Q Public started this petition to Anonymous and

We are parents, grandparents and children forced  into a corrupt family court system that functions to drain our money, time and future.

When we speak up we are retaliated against by a system of lawyers and judges who take our children, our property and our dignity in an effort to silence us.

We are not fighting the fight they want anymore. We will not have moms fight against dads. We will not force children in the middle to broker solutions for adults.  We are not asking.   Expect Us.

For every good judge and lawyer, who helped, you will be praised. For every Anonymous whistleblower or Ghost Squad Hacker who helps us speak up and protect families and children, you will be thanked by  the success you help create.

For ever dirty judge, lawyer CPA, CPS or other expert who took our children, our property or our incomes, you can Expect Us.

We will not play by your rules anymore. We will not allow mainstream media to silence the issues  we and our children face in family courts day after day, and year after year.

Where family courts  caused us worry, they shall  worry.

Where lawyers or judges  caused children to be ashamed of their parents, their  children will be ashamed of them .

Where children  were caused to feel fear, those who caused that feel will feel afraid.

Where  we were reduced  before our families, our friends, our employers and our children, we rise up, speak out , seek assistance of others , and are reduced no more.

We will Expose as we were Exposed.

We will expose judges who were paid with tax payer dollars and who did not respect public trust of the judicial system.

We are Anonymous Family Court , you can not find us or hurt us through your abuse of power anymore. Expect Us.

We do not play by Family Court Rules, we play in the Court of Public Opinion.  

How will you speak up? What would you do if you knew this was happening?

If you have one minute, leave a comment of support, or your experience on the petition. Help us tell the stories that need to be told. Help us show what American Family Courts are doing to our humanity and our children.

If you want to speak up more, email us , we will direct you .

Please sign our petition so " they " know how many  support change in family courts. And so " they" are named  and held accountable for what they have done to us, our families and our children.

Jane and John Q

Anonymous: Family Courts

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This petition had 723 supporters