Support creation of an inpatient mental health unit in Lenawee County

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 The Lenawee Community Mental Health Board is asking for your help! You may be aware that as of last summer, Lenawee County no longer has an inpatient mental health unit in our community. We are frustrated and sad about this loss!

The LCMHA board feels as though it is important to educate the community about this major gap in services. We have written the letter (below) and our intention is to obtain as many supportive signatures as possible to highlight the incredible need we have in our community. This call to action will be followed by a town hall meeting in the fall.

Your endorsement of this petition simply indicates that you support the community coming together to find a solution for this gap and says that you support mental health services being abundantly available in Lenawee County.

An Open Letter to the Lenawee Community

On June 5, 2018, the nation learned of the death of purse designer Kate Spade.  After years of struggling with depression and anxiety, she killed herself in her New York apartment. Just three days later on June 8, we learned of the suicide death of CNN television personality, Anthony Bourdain. Over the years, we have heard about other celebrities, like actor Robin Williams, who also took their lives after internal struggles.  What we might not hear about as much is people right here in Lenawee County who are silently fighting the exact same battles. 

But, it’s happening.  It’s real. 

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Michigan’s suicide rate increased by 33 percent between 1996 and 2016. Anyone, at any age, at any income level can be affected by mental illness.As a community, it is our responsibility to provide hope and support for our friends, family and neighbors suffering from mental health disorders. It is with the spirit of care that we come to you today with an important issue that needs immediate attention. 

Since June 2017, Lenawee County has not had an inpatient mental health unit.  This is devastating.The loss of a community inpatient unit means that our friends, family, neighbors, and colleagues who are suffering from a mental health disorder have to leave Lenawee County for inpatient treatment. This is more than 300 people each year.  They have to leave the community where they live, where their family and support systems reside, the community they know.  In some cases, these vulnerable people may have to be transported more than 150 miles away in order to receive the support they need and deserve. 

We, the undersigned, are concerned about the lack of inpatient beds in our community and fully support looking for a solution to this issue that affects everyone in Lenawee County. 

(By signing this online petition, I give permission to Lenawee Community Mental Health Authority to use my name in a full page ad in the Daily Telegram.)