Petition Against ARA Amino Leadership

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ARMY Amino (ARA) was created for the purpose to bring BTS fans together and post about their shared love for that band. It is a place for artists to share their fan art and writers to share their stories and creative writing.

Unfortunately the community is riddled with drama and uncommunicative leaders. The current leaders, DizzyTango and WaffleCreamCone, have promised change when they took over leadership, yet nothing has change so far. There is barely any communication between leaders and the community, leaders seem to be unavailable a lot and are overall not visible within the community at all.

There is no transparancy whatsoever, neither about any decision regarding the community itself nor about individual decisions regarding specific users. Many amazing users have already left due to this fact, and many more are frustrated to a point they are currently considering leaving hours upon hours of effort they put into the community behind.

People are staying mostly because of other users they like, despite the leadership and not because of it. People tolarate the leadership because there seems to be no option of having an open discussion about these issues on ARA Amino itself. This has to change. ARA has to change before all quality content disappears and what remains are floods of new users who won’t stay for long.

Too add insult to injury, current leadership is not enforcing their own guidelines equally, often featuring posts that are clearly in violation. Communication between the team itself also seems lacking due to constant double features, inconsistent information being given out and unaivailablity of any team member at times. Reasonable and respectful concern has been consistently ignored, which is why we believe the current leadership is not fit to sucessfully lead a community as large as ARA Amino. This is not an attack on them as people, but a serious issue with their leadership abilities.

We ask Team Amino to step in find someone who is experienced the demands of good and fair leadership in order to help this community to thrive again.