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Support American Indian Education and Opportunity

More than 50% of American Indians living on reservations live below the poverty line – four times the poverty rate of the general population. Higher education is the only way to break this cycle of poverty and hopelessness, but for most Native students, poverty makes college an impossible dream.

The American Indian College Fund is the nation’s largest and highest-rated American Indian scholarship organization. We award scholarships to deserving Native students as well as provide financial support for the country’s 34 accredited tribal colleges and universities.

Currently, American Indians attend college at only half the rate of the general population. If you believe that half the opportunity is not enough, please sign this petition.

I believe American Indians should have the same opportunity to attend college as other students.

I value preserving the cultural heritage of American Indian tribes.

I stand with the American Indian College Fund in their efforts to provide a brighter future for Native students.