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Support alternative solutions for individuals w/ student loan debt

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"The system is extremely unforgiving," said Deanne Loonin, a National Consumer Law Center attorney who directs the Student Loan Borrower Assistance Project for the Boston-based nonprofit agency. "We've chosen, as a public policy, very punitive collection. From a taxpayer-return point of view, it makes more sense to help them succeed." - Sandusky Register Article: Defaulters on student loans face credit problems, Dec. 18th 2012

Our economy needs a boost and with $1 trillion dollars of American's earnings earmarked for student loan debt, both American citizens and our economy could benefit from creative alternative solutions to eliminating this debt and incorporating this money back into the economy.

I am asking on behalf of college students and graduates stifled with growing and inescapable student debt that our government and especially the Department of Education support organizations that seek public generated funds to help those with student debt payoffs.
The issue of student debt has evolved over the course of the past 20 years and it now has heavier consequences than ever before. Student debt effects EVERYONE in this country because the debt keeps money from our sputtering economy.

C.K. Prahalad coined the phrase 'The fortune at the bottom of the pyramid' and with the emergence of crowd funding, technology allows millions of people to connect and give very little to create a fund of wealth that could be delivered to eliminating the debts for our educated Americans who were just seeking to better their lives and communities.

As a country we need to ensure all Americans with the ability and desire to attend college can do so without the future of debt. Collectively as a nation we can keep college a reality and debt free for as much as a cup of coffee a week.

We are all parents, friends, business owners, employees, students and teachers and our community is affected by the crisis of student debt. By signing this you are bringing attention to our Department of Education and Federal Government that the people of this country desire alternative solutions to the issue of student debt and we can all agree the importance of keeping college a reality for anyone from any social economic background.

My name is Emiliano Sanchez and I am the face of student debt fighting to create an alternative solution for everyone struggling with student debt now and the possibility of a student debt free future, our organization is called Cap of Change.

Please help this go viral and share this among your friends and family you believe would like to see this future as well. To learn about our organization please visit

Thank you for your support!

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world" - Nelson Mandela

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