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Support Alaska legislators in doing the right thing in exercising due diligence on Susitna River Dam

After a very short public information process which consisted of a series of three meetings to pass along information to the residents of the locally-affected area and little consideration for other more cost-effective alternative renewable energy sources, the Alaska legislature has passed a bill in favor of supporting construction  of the 700-foot high Susitna River Dam hydro-electric project in the heart of pristine wilderness and on one of interior Alaska's largest salmon-spawning rivers.  There are local communities lying in flood-plain areas along the Susitna River as well, which is located within just a few short miles of the siesmically-active Denali Fault.  Although the Alaska Energy Authority (AEA) held these meetings, no opportunity for proper public opinion or commentary has been given and the legislature is moving forward in spite of public concerns.  This is a decision that affects the salmon, other wildlife, local residents and property owners, and the local economy which relies heavily on tourism's draw to the Upper Sustina for sport fishing, rafting and riverboat sight-seeing and remote wilderness travel.

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