Support the Park County Housing Action Plan

Support the Park County Housing Action Plan

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Why this petition matters

Started by Sarah Hubbart

Increasing the availability of affordable housing is critical to the future of Park County.

The Park County Housing Coalition is a community-based, collaborative effort that has spent the last two years collecting community input and analyzing current conditions to develop an action plan to address current challenges. The final Housing Action Plan outlines twelve tools that could be used to address Park County’s housing crisis.

Moving forward with the housing action plan is an important step toward expanding opportunities for Park County residents to access housing where they can afford to live and thrive but not the end of the road. Once the plan is adopted, work can begin to determine specific actions to implement the plan.

Take action:

  • Review the final Housing Action Plan, which outlines twelve housing tool recommendations at
  • Sign this petition to let the Park County Commission and City of Livingston Commission know the community supports the Park County Housing Action Plan.

Upcoming next steps for the plan include:

April 21, 2022: A representative from the Park County Housing Coalition will present a scheduled public comment to the Park County Planning Board requesting a future action item to recommend adopting the Park County housing action plan to the Park County Commission as an addendum to the county growth policy. Click here for more info.

May 21, 2022: The City of Livingston Planning Board will discuss recommending the adoption of the housing action plan as an addendum to the City of Livingston Growth Policy.

  • Join the Park County Housing Coalition at Businesses and individuals can join to stay up to date and help shape the future of housing in Park County through joining current subcommittees tackling the near term goals of the housing action plan.
15 have signed. Let’s get to 25!