Support access to hormonal care for Transgender and Gender Diverse people

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A letter was recently sent out from the endocrinologist Dr Jon Hayes. It reads:

I have been involved in an ongoing dispute with the Medical Council of NSW who have expressed disapproval regarding the increasing focus of my practice on transgender medicine (an internationally recognised subspecialty of endocrinology). The Medical Council have placed conditions on my ongoing practice which I consider unreasonable.

This is in response to unnecessary restrictions now being placed on endocrinologists, and as a result, access to care and hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for the transgender community is being restricted.

ACON’s Trans and Gender Diverse Health Blueprint notes that there are potentially up to 48,000 TGD people living in NSW alone, without taking into account non-binary people and others who do not identify as trans but access HRT.

This is going to have a detrimental effect on the Australian transgender community, and result in an increase of persons not being able to access appropriate treatment for gender transition. It has been shown that access to HRT increases the mental and physical health outcomes of trans and gender diverse people, and restricting access to care will correlate to directly inverse outcomes.

ACON’s Blueprint identifies three priority areas (A, B and C) that reflect how this sector and organisation must change, but most importantly here is priority area C: An inclusive and knowledgeable NSW health sector.

The provision of gender-affirming care, including hormones, is internationally recognised as an important and safe aspect of the healthcare of many trans and gender diverse people, and it is critical that organisations in health recognise and support this care.

By allowing these restrictions to continue, it will place strain on other services to the transgender community, including mental health services, housing services, and other medical and social support services.

Please consider this and support those affected by signing this petition. Thank you.

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