Support a support group for LGBTQ+ students

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There is a lack of support for LGBTQ students  in Australia, Western Australia specifically, as we feel that as a group it is extremely important for the health, particularly mental health of students at that a safe space and support group is available and accessible to all students. At schools, these students are among the most vulnerable at schools, particularly in schools where there isn’t enough support or even conversation, regarding gender and sexuality. School should be a safe, comfortable and happy environment for everyone but for LGBTQ+ students school is distinctly not in a lot of ways. 

One aspect of this support group we are determined to establish is the need to promote core values that we believe the school also holds: acceptance, kindness, generosity, compassion, care and love, all values which Jesus taught.

Another key aspect of this support group we strongly stand behind, is particularly the vulnerability of younger questioning students without the support and safe space we are determined to provide. We want the new and younger students to feel comfortable with who they are and with expressing who they are and having an LGBTQ+ support group at would help immensely with that goal. 

We also are determined to talk about and open conversation relating to LGBTQ+ issues with students. How can we support fellow LGBTQ+ students at our nice school without opening dialogue about issues that, we as students and as LGBTQ+ teens, face and are passionate about?

What support can be fostered if students are silenced when it comes to issues that matter to them? 

We hope this message can gather the support, passion and determination we already have as a group because in order to make an LGBTQ+ support group happen we need support from you, fellow students, teachers, parents, former students, etc. is but we’re determined to make it greater by fostering inclusivity, acceptance, love and support for LGBTQ+ students and a safe space and group for that to happen. 

At the end of last year, Australia legalised marriage equality!! ������

BUT the fight for equality, acceptance and support did not and does not stop there. There is still work to do and, as a society, it starts with schools. So please, sign this petition, share it, send it to your friends, family, other students. Spread the word like the gospel because everyone deserves to feel safe, comfortable and supported at schools.