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Support a Constitutional Amendment: Corporations Are Not People


In last year's Citizens United decision, the Supreme Court gave corporations the same First Amendment rights as people. And in the last election, we saw what this corporate takeover of our democracy looks like.

We're asking every state legislator in the country to support the most direct remedy we have left to correct the Supreme Court's awful Citizens United decision: a constitutional amendment clarifying that corporations are not people.

Amending the Constitution is admittedly no easy task. It will be a strenuous, long-term endeavor, but ultimately it is the only way to reverse the damage of the Citizens United decision.

We've amended our Constitution before in moments when we needed to make fundamental changes to how our country works. Right now is one of those moments. It isn't ultimately about who's benefiting, Democrats or Republicans -- it's that giving corporations the full First Amendment rights of people is threatening the integrity of our democratic process.


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Corporations aren't people and shouldn't be able to corrupt our democracy. We need as many state legislatures as possible to get behind the call for a constitutional amendment to reverse the Citizens United ruling.