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Support a Comprehensive Clean Indoor Air Law in Pennsylvania

In 2008, we celebrated a public health milestone when the PA General Assembly passed a Clean Indoor Air law that banned smoking in some public places. For the first time in Pennsylvania history, more Pennsylvanians than ever before were protected from the harmful effects of secondhand smoke. At the same time, we cautioned that our work was not done because the law was full of exemptions, leaving thousands of workers in the hospitality industry exposed to secondhand smoke and creating an unlevel playing field for businesses. 

The fact remains that there is no risk-free level of exposure to secondhand smoke. It contains 69 cancer causing chemicals like arsenic, lead, ammonia and formaldehyde and causes heart disease, cancer, lung disease and other illnesses to both children and adults who don’t smoke. Exposure to secondhand smoke causes immediate adverse effects on heart function, blood platelets, inflammation, endothelial function and the vascular system.

Every person has the right to breathe clean, safe, smoke-free air, regardless of where they work. A comprehensive Clean Indoor Air law, with no exemptions, is the only way we give all Pennsylvania workers the protection they deserve and level the playing field for all businesses across the Commonwealth. 

Send a quick message now urging lawmakers to support a comprehensive Clean Indoor Air law, with no exemptions!

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